ReconPro Starter mobile app 3.5.5

Activate the mobile app on your device by entering the registration code that you automatically get as a text message after adding a new device in the Back Office application

New Features

  • SMS-based Device Registration
  • Work order service approval
  • Showing repair order phases and services in a single list
  • Auto-hiding completed and skipped services
  • Showing quick actions on the Home screen
  • Specify vehicle arbitration date
  • Manage services of repair order based on employee role


  • Improvements in parts & labor bundle
  • Device’s ‘Back’ button is now supported
  • Showing question answers on printouts
  • Selecting multiple parts for a labor service has been improved
  • Showing disabled actions for repair orders, phases, and services
  • Showing warning messages about work order editing expiration
  • Indicating labor services with added parts
  • Showing started services with the appropriate status icon

See the details of the new features here.

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