Hail repair

PDR | Hail Repair

How Can AMT Help Mobile Auto Reconditioning Companies

Are you buried in invoices, repair orders, and calculating commissions? What if there was a suite of mobile PDR estimating software that could replace the piles of paperwork? AMT’s hail damage and dent repair cost estimating and invoicing software saves you time and leads to profit growth over days, months, and years. ReconPro™ does the tracking for you, so you don’t lose time sifting through paperwork to find the work-order you are looking for.

Noteworthy Features

  • Vin Decoder

    Includes trim, paint code lookup, vehicle recalls
  • R&I Labor Times

    Fully informed estimates
  • Conventional Repair Costs

    Know the alternatives
  • Commissions

    Calculate Flat Rate, % Gross / Net, Tired Commissions, Splits
  • Duplicate Vin Detection

    Avoid duplicate records