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BHPH Dealer Software

Repair360 manages your vehicles pre-sale and through warranty service

Running a Buy Here Pay Here dealership requires attention to your vehicles both before AND after the sale. AMT’s specially designed dealership BHPH software, Repair360, integrates seamlessly with your DMS, and lets you take control of your pre-sale preparation and reconditioning needs. The software also manages your customer communications post-sale to encourage scheduled maintenance, and handles service contract and warranty claims. The software perfectly integrates every aspect of vehicle reconditioning and customer service requests into a convenient application that saves you time and money.


R360 flow

Replace whiteboards and spreadsheets
with a digital dashboard

Noteworthy Features

  • Essential Tools

    VIN Scan and decode, Customer Record Management, attach Photo and Video Inspections to work orders at the line-item level, one-touch bulk or line-item Approvals.
  • Workflow Management

    Manage your workflow from in-transit to the frontline to help get vehicles frontline ready in 3-5 days.
  • Mechanical and Cosmetic Inspections

    InspectionNotes is included to allow multiple inspections per vehicle. Includes OEM Certified Pre-Owned Inspections, Cosmetic Inspections and Vehicle Condition Reports.
  • Parts and Labor Hours Management

    The system provides access to OEM parts & numbers, mechanical labor hours, and parts ordering.
  • Service Request

    Schedule software for the service drive. Aligns the service advisors with the back shop to make sure vehicles are prioritized.
  • Vehicle ROI

    Know estimated and actual cost of repairs and keep all vehicles in your targeted ROI.
  • Capacity Management

    The system will tell you how many employees or vendors are needed to complete the vehicles in process.
  • Parts Integration

    Order parts right in the software from a variety of suppliers, including internal inventory.
  • DMS Integrations

    Pull inventory without needing to key information.
  • Real-time Reporting

    You and your team know the status and stage of every vehicle in process.
  • Power Forms Customization

    Business, process, and industry-specific forms creation is part of the package. Create specific forms for your business in digital format, with print and editing capabilities. Includes dynamic forms automated to trigger additional steps and processes.
  • Real-time Event Notifications

    Send and receive alerts and notifications for any condition or status change. Notify customers of their vehicle’s status, and alert vendors and employees when their work is coming. No more phone calls required to keep everyone informed.
  • NHTSA Vehicle Recall Information

    Up-to-date recall information delivered against any vehicle in process.
  • Technician Worklog

    Every tech and vendor has a real-time worklog to keep them progressing forward.
  • Vendor Management and Payment

    The system manages all of your vendors and their workloads, and shows you how much to pay each vendor per repair.

Seamless Integrations

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