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5 Tips From Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec To Improve Sales At Your Dealership

When a person comes to your dealership, they’re in the market for a car. Whether they make a purchase is an entirely different […]

What is Your Strongest Credential?

The dictionary defines a credential as, “anything that provides the basis for confidence, belief, credit, etc.”  In business, we use credentials as a […]

Re-creating Your “New” Business

No matter how many years or how many generations your business has been in existence, you are starting a new business. Changes in […]

Maximizing Hourly Revenue

7 Effective Ways To Embrace Change In Your Dealership Process

Much the same as the way car repairs have evolved over the years, so has the entire dealership process. Recent events have created […]

Reconditioning Your Way to Profit if Used Car Values Tank

When your cars have no buyers, how do you prepare for the future? The transfer of new-to-used, used-to-auction, and rental-to-auction has been at […]

Vehicle Demand in a Time of Disruption

Revisiting the statistics to project second-quarter sales targets. Economy woes are on the minds of every business right now, and sales projections are […]

How To Sell Cars In A Post Covid “New Normal”

Depending on when you read this, we are not there yet, but it feels like we may be getting closer to “new normal” […]

Product Updates

ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.9

The team of the currently assigned technician is automatically preselected when you change the technician assigned to the repair order phase Improvements Changing […]

ReconPro Classic Back Office

Use the ‘Stock #’ column to the ‘Commissions with Vehicle Info (New)’ report to review commissions with your technicians, exclude specific services from […]

ReconPro Classic Back Office

View all the changes made to the mobile app on a particular device in the extended audit log on the ‘Active Devices’ page […]

ReconPro Starter mobile app 3.6.39

The ‘N/A’ part position is now automatically pre-selected when adding services with a predefined category, subcategory, and part to inspections and work orders […]

ReconPro Classic mobile app 2.20.8 for iOS devices

Assign technicians to a work order without extra taps because the work order and all its services are already preselected. Improvements Preselected work […]

ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.8

Type the task name when adding a task to a repair order, and then select the appropriate task from the drop-down list with […]