Company and Industry News

5 Key Tips For Conquering More Market Share At Your Dealership

Being a successful car dealership is much more than attracting customers, efficiency among your departments, and selling cars. Those are all the basics […]

5 ways To Grow A Mobile Detailing Business From Scratch

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and are good at detailing cars, becoming your own boss may be easier than you think. The […]

6 Crucial Metrics Every Used Car Dealer Should Track

As you’re gathering everything you need to evaluate your dealership’s performance, what are the metrics that matter most?

Why Cultivating A Great Dealership Culture Benefits Your Dealership

Performance Teamwork Communication Hiring As soon as a customer walks inside your dealership doors, they’ll be able to instantly tell whether it’s a […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Deduct For Running A Detailing Business In 2020

Running an auto detailing business can be an extremely profitable venture. What if you found out there were different things you could deduct, running a detailing business, that would save you money in the long run?

5 Tweaks To Your Used Car Sales Pitch To Try Today

As a used car salesperson, you have an even greater responsibility than dealers who are selling factory-new vehicles with full warranties. You have […]

3 Areas In Your Dealership That Could Use Immediate Improvement

No matter how well your dealership is doing in sales and against the competition, there is always room for growth. There’s no such […]

Common Problems and Solutions Facing Amazon DSP Fleet Managers

Fuel Costs Vehicle Condition Driver Breaks Driver Location Every day, fleet management handles all sorts of responsibilities to improve overall productivity in the […]

Product Updates

ReconPro mobile app 2.20.1 for iOS devices

Easily find services by specific tags and add services with tags to work orders if these services are grouped by tags on the […]

ReconPro Back Office

Configure part provider settings that will be used for punchout part ordering and enter generic part provider settings that will be used for […]

ReconPro Starter mobile app 3.6.2

Approve work orders, select a service group when adding services to repair orders, allow adding services to work orders and repair orders, and […]

ReconPro Back Office

Use generic repair bundle service that already includes items needed for conventional repairs, such as labor, labor fees, paint, paint fees, and part. […]

ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.6

Approve repair order services, filter repair orders by free text search and by tasks, select technicians to unassigned tasks, and much more. New […]

ReconPro mobile app 2.20.0 for iOS devices

Set up automatic approval of work orders which amount is less than or equal to the approval threshold amount specified for the work […]