Company and Industry News

ReconPro Integration with Enterprise Systems

If you do work for Enterprise Rent-a-Car, did you know your ReconPro™ integrates with Enterprise? This means your estimates don’t need to be re-keyed […]

Lot Walk Enhancements

You get paid for the actual work, and anything that eats into that time eats into your profit. ReconPro’s enhanced Lot Walk feature […]

Finding Your “Better” Thing

Do Used Car Customers Buy Old Cars? We Have The Answer.

Are you a dealership that automatically wholesales out all trade-ins more than three or four years old? You may want to reconsider. Why? […]

5 Tips For Operating A Successful Used Car Business

Running a business can be both an exciting and challenging time, and used cars are an increasingly popular choice among consumers. According to […]

OEMs Prioritize Service Parts, and So Should You

With new vehicle sales well below last year’s numbers, and in anticipation of continued soft new car sales this year, OEMs are pinning […]

Empathy, Cooperation are Key to Industry Restart

How to restart an industry? Work together as an industry!

Dealers Calling for Inventory

Early signs of a resurgence in used car buying are waking up the industry from its pandemic-induced doldrums. We’ve heard from two large […]

Product Updates

ReconPro mobile app 3.6.71

Continue your work if for any reason you have not finished creating an inspection or work order because the data you’ve entered is […]

ReconPro mobile app 3.6.7

View question services for a particular question, view question service notes automatically copied from question answers, and more enhancements Improvements Showing question services […]

Repair360 Back Office 3.6.7

View, add, edit, and delete service request appointments from the ‘Service Requests’ list view and the ‘Service Request’ detail view. New Features Service […]

ReconPro Classic Back Office

Override the service price or rate, as well as specify whether services are tax-exempt on the repair location and the work order type […]

Repair360 Back Office 3.6.6

Search for invoices with a payment plan and an unpaid payment by using new options added to the ‘Advanced Search’ form on the […]

ReconPro Classic mobile app 2.21.8 for iOS devices

Use the ‘Part Needed’ toggle on the ‘Service Details’ screen of generic repair bundle services to mark the part as needed or not […]