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Positive Online Reviews – The Secret to Protecting Your Dealership’s Reputation

Customers already have a difficult time trusting car dealers, yet they need to feel trust in where they are making their next car purchase. One of the most effective ways a potential customer can gain trust with your dealership is to read reviews.

Detailing the Batmobile

The most important car you work on is the one ahead of you. Treat it like it’s special. It is!

5 Ways To Create Employee Engagement

Recognition Purpose Leadership Collaboration Make it Special Employees who are fully engaged in their workspace and what they do can genuinely change a […]

Benefits And Ideas For Video Marketing Your Dealership

People prefer to learn visually Visual learners mentally project themselves into the experience they are watching Creating videos is easier than you think […]

Fleet Managers Face Big Challenges

Operating Costs Repair Costs Vehicle Availability Misuse Driver Safety More… Being a manager of a fleet operation is no easy task. You’re responsible […]

5 Ways To Conquer Your Fear In Decision-Making

As the person responsible for the success of your business, making decisions for your dealership can be a daunting task. Even those who […]

5 Ways To Manage Conflict At Your Dealership

Find the Cause Stay Human Document Eyes on Goal Lead by Example Conflict happens everywhere, whether we like it or not. It can […]

How Do You Avoid Being Defrauded At Your Dealership?

Whether you work in the service and parts department or new and used car sales, there are fraud risks that some dealerships may […]

Product Updates

ReconPro mobile app 2.19.5 for iOS devices

Change the rate for selected labor services of a specific labor type or all selected labor services on the ‘Labor Rate’ screen that […]

ReconPro Back Office

Integrate with Enterprise AI to send work orders to Auto Integrate, view work order activity projections into the near future, request full data […]

ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.3

Use punchout catalog for parts ordering, manage parts with core charges and labor credits, attach credit memos and invoices as part documents, and […]

ReconPro Back Office

Create email templates that you can use when sending the Statement Report by email, define whether invoices with work orders of a specific […]

ReconPro Starter mobile app 3.5.7

Add tasks to repair order phases, select multiple services to start, stop, or complete them all at once, search for repair orders by […]

ReconPro mobile app 2.19.1 for iOS devices

Turn on checking for retail customers with the same phone number to prevent creating duplicate customer accounts, skip required editing of multiple service […]