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5 Tweaks To Your Used Car Sales Pitch To Try Today

As a used car salesperson, you have an even greater responsibility than dealers who are selling factory-new vehicles with full warranties. You have […]

3 Areas In Your Dealership That Could Use Immediate Improvement

No matter how well your dealership is doing in sales and against the competition, there is always room for growth. There’s no such […]

Common Problems and Solutions Facing Amazon DSP Fleet Managers

Fuel Costs Vehicle Condition Driver Breaks Driver Location Every day, fleet management handles all sorts of responsibilities to improve overall productivity in the […]

4 Big Management Mistakes For Used Car Sales Managers To Avoid

Being a sales manager at a used car dealership is no easy task. It can be even more of a demanding role than […]

4 Hiring Practices That Can Hurt Your Dealership’s Success

Job Descriptions One-sided Interviews Desperation Fact-Checking Your dealership employees are a reflection of your brand. They are who your customer interacts with, purchases […]

4 Essential Rules To Nail Reconditioning Every Time

Your dealership’s recon operation is a profit center, but the amount of that profit depends on the choices you make and the process you administer.

5 Tips To Improve Your Reconditioning Process

Running a used car dealership can be incredibly rewarding for both you, your team and customers. But one of the most significant processes […]

4 Benefits Of Giving Back To Your Community

Giving is its own reward, but your business benefits from community involvement are manyfold.

Product Updates

ReconPro Back Office

Use generic repair bundle service that already includes items needed for conventional repairs, such as labor, labor fees, paint, paint fees, and part. […]

ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.6

Approve repair order services, filter repair orders by free text search and by tasks, select technicians to unassigned tasks, and much more. New […]

ReconPro mobile app 2.20.0 for iOS devices

Set up automatic approval of work orders which amount is less than or equal to the approval threshold amount specified for the work […]

ReconPro Starter mobile app 3.6.13

Use improved questions: redesigned question cards that fit more content, answered questions are highlighted with green color, and answers are displayed below questions […]

Repair360 mobile app 3.6.13

Edit, change customer, and add notes to inspections in the ‘Archived’ status in the Repair360 mobile app Improvement Edit archived inspections See the […]

ReconPro Back Office

Link multiple locations to one team in the settings of the TSD and Thermeon integrations to handle situations when one team works in […]