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Changes to the PDR Landscape

Banking On An Electric Vehicle Future? You May Need To Pump The Brakes

So much uncertainty has been thrown at the world this past month. This sudden left turn naturally leads each industry to take a […]

How to Help Your Laid-Off Automotive Employees Manage Unemployment

Social distancing is the end of in-person auto auctions, at least for a while. If you are like most auction companies, you have […]

How Will Covid-19 Impact The Automotive Market? The Industry Weighs In

Anybody who can factually answer this question is a time traveler who has come back to fill us in. As an industry, all […]

Will Parts Shortages Increase Your Time To Frontline Ready Following COVID-19 Shutdowns?

OEMs respond to replacement auto parts supply chain questions following the virus peak. Each day we wake up to a changing situation. What […]

How To Let Customers Know Your Dealership Is Open For Business During The Coronavirus

Even if your state has a shelter in place order, dealerships are allowed to and will continue to stay open as you are […]

7 Tips For Taking Your Dealership’s Facebook Page To The Next Level

We live in a digital age where consumers decide who to give their business to long before they ever step inside. To ensure […]

How To Market Your New or Used Car Dealership To Active Duty Military

Is your dealership located near a military base? With multiple bases and US military institutions in every single US state, the chances are, […]

Product Updates

ReconPro Starter mobile app 3.6.3

Use the ‘Pull-to-Refresh’ gesture to refresh the data for service requests, inspections, work orders, invoices, and repair orders New Features Pull-to-Refresh Improvements Displaying […]

ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.7

Start and stop the clocks for repair order services and tasks assigned to technicians; print repair orders or save them as a PDF […]

ReconPro Classic mobile app 2.20.3 for iOS devices

Define whether mobile app users can add specific services to work orders by selecting the appropriate setting on the work order type level […]

ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.65

Use predefined options to filter repair orders by age, show the earliest started repair orders at the top of the list, add documents […]

ReconPro Classic Back Office

Specify the day of the week and the period after repair order start when repair order priority must be automatically changed to ‘High’ […]

ReconPro mobile app 2.20.1 for iOS devices

Easily find services by specific tags and add services with tags to work orders if these services are grouped by tags on the […]