ReconPro mobile app 2.14.4 for iOS devices

See the full list of your company’s retail customers, select them while creating service requests, inspections, or work orders, and get alerts while creating duplicate retail customers.

New Features

  • See the full list of retail customers
  • View entities related to push notifications

See the details of each new feature here.


  • Automatic setting of retail customer area
  • The size of damage icons in visual inspections has been increased.

Fixed Issues

  • In some cases location could not be shown on the Map screen.
  • Required inspection service with price matrix price type was not shown correctly in ReconPro HD version.
  • The application stopped responding after saving damage notes in visual inspection.
  • An intermittent application crash occurred while approving team invoices in ReconPro HD version.
  • The Evenly/Custom button was not shown correctly on the Technicians screen of work orders.
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ReconPro Back Office Update (Dec. 27, 2017)

See information on vehicle safety recalls in repair orders created from service requests, choose the mapping that you want to use for exporting invoices to QuickBooks Online, and more:

New Features

  • View information on vehicle recalls in repair orders
  • Select RDX Mapping to export invoices to QuickBooks Online
  • Showing labor services in the Parts Ordering form
  • Showing labor services price and quantity in hours on printouts

See the details of each new feature here.

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Five Tips to Keep Your PDR Sales Running Hot When the Weather Gets Cold

Winter Audi Quattro Automotive Pkw Auto Snow AudiWintertime for some businesses can be a slower time, and for some people it might be a welcome break and a time for some much-needed rest. But that doesn’t have to be the case for your PDR business if you don’t want it to.

As we begin to wrap up 2017 and transition into 2018, there is no reason to slow down on the red-hot sales and growth that you have worked so hard for all year. In this post we are going to cover some ways to keep the sales fires burning all the way through the cold months.


Tip#1.  Offer a Seasonal Promotion– If you can bear it, a discount on your services that you can promote on your website, on social media, and anywhere else that you promote your services, might be just the thing to keep revenues up when the days are shorter and darker. Even though cars in many parts of the country are covered in road salt and grime, door dings still happen, cars still slip on ice and receive minor damage. A good promotion with a little bit of clever marketing might be just the thing you need to keep it going during the winter. The tip here is to make it short, and tap in to psychology of your consumer. People do not want to miss out on a good deal, and you should leverage that in your messaging.

Tip #2.    Consider a Subscription Plan. Where there was one dent, there will be others. There are a couple of ways to go about this. The first will be to offer this subscription plan  to families with multiple cars (consider them like a mini-fleet). Instead of fixing the one dent on the one car for a smaller price, why not offer to fix all the dents in the family for a larger set price that is a one-time fee and covers the family fleet for a year. It is a bit of a gamble certainly, but the odds are probably in your favor that there are not many other dents to fix in that year span.

The other option would be to offer this subscription plan to a smaller mom and pop dealerships where the volume is a bit lower but you are not getting their work currently. You could come up with a monthly fee for unlimited ding repairs (and set your own limits or parameters as to how much this offer covers). The benefit to the dealership is a predictable flat rate for dent repair without having to worry about estimating the costs at auction time. The benefit to you is steady work from a source you didn’t have before, and a guaranteed amount of revenue each month.

Tip #3 Hold a Seminar.  What if you could teach your customers how to estimate a PDR dent so that they can do the math quickly while evaluating vehicles at auction? This might be a great way to get your foot in the door at a dealership. You could also offer the same seminar to local auto body shops that might need a refresher on what can be fixed with PDR and how it could mean the difference between a repair job and a total in some cases.

If you are looking to grow your business by adding technicians, a seminar is a good way to scout some new talent. Consider holding one at a local tech school as well.

Tip #4 Form Strategic Alliances. When the winter months are slow, this is a great time to get out and network again. In addition to offering to perform PDR for auto body shops, why not discuss a referral program where you can offer your customers discounts at an auto body shop for service needs that you spot in the field. For example if you are fixing a dent on a customers car and you see some paint damage that could be buffed out or fixed easily, why not offer a discount at your “partner” shop.

Auto detailers would be another great source of two-way referrals. Using the same example above you could refer minor paint correction work to your partner detailers and likewise they could refer dent work to you.

How to sweeten the deal? Offer a finder’s fee often referred to as a “bird dog”. A cash incentive helps drum up business without fail.

Tip #5.  Ask for Reviews from Satisfied Customers. It is easy to forget to ask for reviews, but you need them. Any service business needs revues and the more the better especially for your Google marketing strategy.  

If you have happy customers who rave about your service when they drive out of your shop, encourage them to leave positive feedback on Yelp, Angie’s List and other review sites. Go back through your customer database and send out a quick email asking for the review with a link to you Google my business page to make things easier.

Another pro tip is to be sure and thank them on the review for their kind words. Google actually wants to see that you are reacting to your reviews both good and bad.


So there you have it. Five quick strategies to fire up some hot sales in the cold months and set yourself up for a very profitable new year!


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ReconPro mobile app 2.14.3 for iOS devices

Adding supplements to new inspections is so much easier now; also you can better manage visual inspection damages, and get alerts about duplicate service requests:

New Features

  • Auto-calculating supplements for new inspections
  • View damages as a list on the Visual screen of inspections
  • Duplicate checking for service requests

See the details of each new feature here.

Fixed Issues

  • Parent service notes were not copied to sub services.
  • There was an issue with auto-scrolling of the list of services shown for vehicle parts on the Price Matrix screen in ReconPro HD version.
  • VIN duplicate checking didn’t work correctly if there were void invoices on device.
  • Long questions were trimmed on the Questions screen in ReconPro HD version.
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How to Earn More Money for Your PDR Company in 2018

The year 2017 is nearing the end, and with that comes the end of hail season. Depending on your geographic location and how hearty your hail season was, you may be settling in for a bit of a rest to ride out the remainder of the year.

As you wind down your 2017 season, now is the time to reflect on the past year, your business successes and challenges, and seek ways to perfect your business in the upcoming year.

If you spent this year running yourself ragged between scheduling jobs, lining up new retail customers, invoicing and chasing payments, then you know full well how much that eats into the time available to actually complete the work that is paying the bills.

There is no doubt that anything you can do to rid yourself of time spent handling office duties will increase your revenue now and into the future. It could also help you gain some peace of mind.

You might want to consider stepping up to one of the PDR hail management apps offered on the market, including our very own ReconPro. These mobile device based applications are proven to free up wasted time spent on office tasks, as well as present a more focused and professional image for your business.

If cost has been your biggest holdout, then we have some good news for you. Repair360 from Automobile Technologies is now offered 100% FREE of charge for a single user, and only $19/mo if you have multiple users on your team! Now you can take your back office with you on the job and complete necessary paperwork and documentation right from your smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android.

Still have questions? The following are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers:


What is Repair360 and what does it do?

As mentioned before, Repair360 is a mobile app that gathers all of the necessary functions of your auto reconditioning business into one place. With Repair360, you can log in cars as you work on them, take pre-inspection notes and photos, create and email invoices and more, all from your preferred mobile device.

Repair360 is a mobile app that gathers all of the necessary functions of your auto reconditioning business into one place

Features include:

– VIN Scanning and VIN decoding using your device’s camera.

VIN Scanning and VIN decoding using your device's camera

– Prior damage documentation utilizing your device’s camera to document prior damage and keep with the customer record.

– Mobile Printing of invoices, work orders, and more directly from the app.

– Mobile Email documents directly to customers or other technicians from within the app.

– Full Customer Database of your customer records is kept and ready to access.

– Historical Lookup allows you to access complete records for any customer.

– Client Tracking for managing customers and revenue history to keep your business growing.

– Repair360 works with or without the Internet to keep your business rolling and your customers happy.

– Hail Matrix- a PDR industry staple, now you can access the Hail Matrix right from you’re your mobile device to provide guidelines for both proper repair techniques and associated costs. Repair360 offers several industry price matrices right out-of-the-box.

Boost your Image – Get more customers

Word of mouth and repeat business is won based on how professional your company appears and how easy it is to do business with you. As the business owner, it is your job to make that happen. Set yourself apart from the competition by offering the professional and paperless process that you can get with Repair360.

No cost, no tricks and no gimmicks.

AutoMobile Technologies, best known for their ReconPro app, is once again leading the PDR industry by offering its PDR software in a basic version totally free with Repair360. While Repair360 may not have all of the features as our subscription based ReconPro, Repair360 gives you all of the functionality that a one person or small PDR company would need to get to the next level in business. What are you waiting for? Download your copy today from the App Store or Play Store!


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ReconPro Back Office Update (Dec. 12, 2017)

Automatically notify your technicians of overdue repair orders, email invoice approval link to multiple customer contacts, inform users about outdated Internet browser version, and more:

New Features

  • Sending email alert when target date of repair order is overdue
  • Sending invoice approval link to multiple contacts by email
  • Notifying users of outdated browser


  • Improvements for labor and parts services

Fixed Issues

  • The WO filter was ignored when printing the list of inspections.

See the details of new features and improvements here.

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