Mobile Technicians and PDR software

How AMT Helps Mobile Technicians on the Lot

The speed and convenience of AMT’s specially designed mobile estimate and invoicing software perfectly integrates every aspect of vehicle reconditioning into a convenient application that saves you time and paper.

Apple Store and Play Market


Noteworthy Features

  • Team Collaboration

    Share Inspections, Work Orders, and Invoices
  • Previous Repair Alerts

    No risk of duplication
  • Quick Lot Walks

    Collect all the data on your device
  • Easy Approvals

    Via quick link or on-device signature
  • R&I Times

    For fully-informed estimates
  • Credit Card Processing

    Give your customer more ways to pay
  • Paint Code Lookup

    Know the right match
  • Conventional Repair Costs

    Prove the value of your work
  • Vin Scanning

    Full vehicle data populates with a single scan

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