Fleet Management

How AMT Can Help Auto Fleet and Rental Companies

Every minute a vehicle sits on your lot unused is money not being earned.

Keeping track of auto fleet and rental vehicle repairs means time-consuming paperwork.

AMT saves you time and money with software to gather and manage vehicle information.

InspectionNotes and ReconMonitor will organize, log, and distribute the information for you.

Fleet Management

What if your company could eliminate the time-consuming paperwork with cost-effective, mobile device-based fleet software? What if you could eliminate bottlenecks that keep you from turning over your fleet as efficiently as possible? AMT saves you time and money with software to gather and manage vehicle information, document vehicle condition, manage repairs, enforce process, and eliminate paper altogether. Want to spend less time filing papers in your back office? AMT’s InspectionNotes and ReconMonitor will do the work for you.

InspectionNotes diagram

InspectionNotes: Vehicle Check-in /Check-out and Condition Reports

Use our inspection management software, InspectionNotes, on your mobile device. Start with an accurate VIN scan to identify the vehicle. Digital inspection question forms are customizable to your process, and photos and videos can be attached to ensure complete and accurate information. Your comprehensive inspection, with photo documentation, creates a Vehicle Condition Report to print or share digitally, and that settles any issues about prior damage or required repairs.


Complete Visibility and Control Through Any Repairs with ReconMonitor

InspectionNotes is a component of ReconMonitor, AMT’s complete repair and reconditioning process management software. The initial inspection starts the repair documentation, easily translating to estimates, work orders, vendor and employee assignment and scheduling, authorizations, repair documentation, and invoices. No paperwork. No missing information. No hassles in getting your vehicles back in service in the shortest possible time.

Save Money

As fleet manager, you’re constantly pressed for improvements related to fleet costs.

Maximize Your Efficiency and Minimize Downtime

Enhance Communication

Fleet managers, drivers, mechanics, parts managers, supervisors and more can all work together in one easy-to-use system.

Avoid Vehicle Inspection Headaches

Relieve drivers from the burden of paper forms and improve inspection quality, all from an existing smartphone or tablet.

Save Time

Conduct inspections, submit photos and add comments all from your mobile device. With less to enter and data automatically in cloud portal, you’ll save loads of time over traditional paper processes without costly added hardware.

Be Compliant

Schedule vehicles for inspections and alert drivers when inspections are due. Inspection history is accessible on mobile device or cloud portal anytime, ensuring drivers can produce necessary reports for law enforcement.

Address Issues Immediately