Pilot Testing

So you are about to enter the implementation phase of ReconPro.  But how do you know if it is performing as expected?  Pilot testing is the final step before your complete go-live implementation.  If you are not sure what pilot testing is, or how to do it, read on.

Let’s take a look at why pilot testing is important to begin with.  If you do not perform this important step you run the risk of –

  • Misquoting estimates – You could lose business by quoting estimates too high, or put yourself in a bind by quoting your services too low.
  • Inaccurate invoices – Imagine the frustration your clients will feel if you invoice them too much, conversely you may legally be stuck with too low of an amount on an invoice.
  • Paying out the wrong commissions – Technicians don’t like to work for free.
  • Erroneous QuickBooks postings – This can jeopardize your whole bottom line.

These are just a few examples of what could go wrong, but hopefully it stresses to you the importance of this part of the system execution.  These errors can threaten customer confidence, hinder negotiations, and generally paint a negative image of your business.

Now before we fill you with thoughts of doom and despair – rest assured that a proper testing plan should eliminate all these possibilities.  The process of testing is pretty straight forward – the outcomes of your online processes should equate to your paper processes as you run them simultaneously.  Yes, this means that you will need to do both for a short while, but a short investment of time now will save you time and headaches later down the road.  Plus, most often, with adequate planning and data entry, testing will go smoothly and just reinforce that the system is working well.

Proper pilot testing is an important part of implementing your new system.  The time spent will give you peace of mind and confidence for the switch over and years to come.

ReconPro 1.6 is here!

AutoMobile Technologies is happy to introduce the release of ReconPro version 1.6.  Based upon feedback from our customers we’ve made some improvements that we feel confident will save you time and make you even more productive.  A host of communications improvements include paging improvements, ability to send messages in background mode and adding email addresses via Contact.   Navigation and search functionality has been enhanced as well as client filtering and selection mode. New security features SSL web services, ability to show last logged user and blocking work order creation for estimates sent to another device.  Work Order improvements consist of a new “Pending” status and adding service advisors.  Sub-items support, car history and manual camera scan – the list goes on and on.  For a full list of the features and benefits contact us here.

You can download it from iTunes here

What is your Resolution?

Put the power of a mobile application with years of experience in the auto reconditioning business in your corner

This time of year is a great time to re-evaluate what we do in our lives.  Whether you call them resolutions or goals, New Years brings on a feeling of renewal, of a fresh start.  Unfortunately most New Years resolutions are abandoned by February – primarily because of failing to plan for it.

Resolutions are not always easy, they involve changing a set of behaviors.  Now some just make good sense – eat better, exercise more – and have a built in motivators (your health).  Other popular goals – get organized, better work/life balance – may need some more defined set of plans to be successful.  Changing a set of behaviors is difficult, humans are creatures of habit and we do the things we have done for years for a reason.  So here are a few steps to take to make it easier.

Overcoming old habits requires three things: dissatisfaction of a current state, a vision of desired results and the first steps to move into that direction. Let’s take for instance the goal to become more organized.  Look around your office.  Are there stacks of paper?  Files of photos, either printed out or on your computer but not filed in the correct order with each inspection?  How about invoices – are there any not reconciled and accounted for?  If the answer to any of these questions was “yes” you’ve already met the first requirement in overcoming dis-organization – dissatisfaction with your current level of organization.

The next step is pretty easy – look around your office and envision what it would be like without all the clutter.  Envision no more lost, torn or stained work orders.  Imagine inspections, work orders and invoices for each car electronically organized with digital photos attached.  This organization would result in faster work order authorization, quicker turn around for invoicing and fewer outstanding invoices.  Sounds pretty good huh?

As for your first steps – look to technology to help.  Put the power of a mobile application with years of experience in the auto reconditioning business in your corner.  AutoMobile Technologies ReconPro is a quick and reliable solution to your organization needs.  It allows your business to become paper-less, increase cash flow and reduce errors – giving you a superior professional image!