ReconPro 2.5.3 Release Notes

New Functionality

  • Added email indicator for inspections and invoices

  • Added support of Invoice Date setting

  • Added device licence status checking

  • Camera Decode Support for Stock number

  • Added e-mail validation when creating a new retail customer

  • Made search fields unscrollable

  • Added RegExp support in Question Forms

  • Added print server filtering option by Team/Area

  • Replace “i” icon with “>” icon

Bug fixes

  • Fixed support notes do not transfer to email body

  • Fixed services not assigned to required question by default

  • Fixed crash when create WO with required question services

  • Fixed connecting view disappears

  • Fixed crash when press team inspection approve action

  • Fixed issue with team invoice not saving

  • Fixed issue with duplicate breakages in visual inspection forms

  • Fixed app was hanged on Unregister screen

  • Fixed issue with create WO with duplicate VIN

  • Fixed issue with check VIN duplicates

  • Fixed issue with remember the choice of print server

  • Fixed issues with invoice payments

  • Fixed WO level split Issue

  • Fixed issue with job service amount not override

ReconPro 2.5.2 Release Notes

New Functionality

  • Added the ability to select a Reason when archiving/declining an Inspection
  • Added team Work Order checking before creating a team invoice

Bug fixes

  • Fixed naming issue in the inspection print message
  • Fixed issue with the calculation of MoneyAmount service field
  • Fixed issue with the technician when creating Work Order from Inspection
  • Animation in “Team WOs” when invoice is created, fixed
  • Recon Monitor not clearing, fixed
  • “Printer Options” screen does not rotate, fixed
  • Cancel saving the invoice does not cancel his transfer to the back-office, fixed

New Group Training Class Schedule

Effective August 1st, 2014 AutoMobile Technologies is expanding our live training sessions to better accommodate various schedules across all time zones.

Training sessions will be open for 4 hours, twice a week. You obviously do not need to attend for the full 4 hour block, but support staff will be standing by if you would like to join.

Training Class Schedule:

How to Connect

Please click this URL to start or join.
Or, go to and enter
meeting ID: 661 699 527
Join from dial-in phone line:
Dial: +1 (415) 762-9988
Meeting ID: 661 699 527
Participant ID: Shown after joining the

How to Submit Questions to Be Covered In Training

Email put “Training Class Request” in the subject line Additional Training Materials including

90+ videos are available on the support site