Base product pricing is listed below. We offer attractive discounts for volume (5+ licenses) and for pre-payment options.

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ReconPro Editions

Powerful and Flexible Software to Manage Your Business

Inspection Notes
Mobile Inspections
Vehicle Condition Reports
CPO Inspections
Instant Visibility
Powerful Workflow Automation
Team Collaboration and Management
Accounting Integrations
Advanced Commissions
R&I Labor Times
Detailed Reporting
Toll Free North America: 1 (888) 600-6898
Larger integrations
MSO and Franchises

ReconMonitor Editions

Control Vehicle Reconditioning to Get Cars Frontline Fast

Fits Your Process
Stage Visibility For All Repairs
Team Collaboration
Alerts & Notifications
Dashboard View
ReconMonitor Advanced
ReconMonitor, Plus:
Digital Inspections & CPOs
Damage Photo Integration
Process Enforcement
Workflow & Approval Management
Track Individual Service Repairs
Technician & Vendor Accountability
Advanced Time Tracking
ReconPro + ReconMonitor
Comprehensive software solution for dealerships and auto remarketers
Toll Free North America: 1 (888) 600-6898
Multiple Locations
Full Repair Life Cycle
Repair Cost Management
Tech Commissions Support
Accounting Integration
NOTE: AMT premium software editions are configured and priced for each client installation. Monthly license pricing above is for a typical client processing a typical volume of vehicles per month, and does not include set-up fees, add-ons, or integrations, if applicable. Volume (5+ licenses) and pre-payment discounts are available. Contact us for a detailed quote for your business.