ReconPro Starter mobile app 3.5.5

Activate the mobile app on your device by entering the registration code that you automatically get as a text message after adding a new device in the Back Office application

New Features

  • SMS-based Device Registration
  • Work order service approval
  • Showing repair order phases and services in a single list
  • Auto-hiding completed and skipped services
  • Showing quick actions on the Home screen
  • Specify vehicle arbitration date
  • Manage services of repair order based on employee role


  • Improvements in parts & labor bundle
  • Device’s ‘Back’ button is now supported
  • Showing question answers on printouts
  • Selecting multiple parts for a labor service has been improved
  • Showing disabled actions for repair orders, phases, and services
  • Showing warning messages about work order editing expiration
  • Indicating labor services with added parts
  • Showing started services with the appropriate status icon

See the details of the new features here.

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How To Avoid A Data Breach At Your Dealership

How To Avoid A Data Breach At Your Dealership

  • Keep What’s Needed
  • Be Aware
  • Be Prepared
  • Destroy Before Trashing
  • Button It Up & Lock It Down

Last July, almost 47,000 files of factory records from Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Tesla Inc., Toyota Motor Corp, and others were discovered in a data leak. The breach exposed company trade secrets that could be used by competitors to have an unfair advantage in manufacturing their vehicles. In addition, the data breach gave employee data, such as their names and ID photos accessible online. 

If you have a data breach happen at your dealership, you’ll not only lose revenue and customers, but your very reputation and brand could be ruined. Reputation is everything, as it is the very essence of who you and your brand are. If your customer’s confidential information is leaked due to a data breach, your dealership’s reputation will crumble. 

So, how do you avoid a data breach at your dealership? Below are ways you can develop a cybersecurity plan and prevent a data breach: 

Keep what you need

When you minimize the amount of collected information or data, this allows you to keep only the necessary information on file. Also, don’t have the data stored in many places. Keep it minimized to know what you keep and where it was kept. 

Cybersecurity awareness 

It’s crucial that all employees at your dealership are aware of the potential of a data breach and what they can do to eliminate it from happening. Assign a management team member to lead a cybersecurity training program. This education can inform your employees what information is confidential or contains sensitive data and what they can do to protect that data. Make it a requirement for employees to log off their computers and lock where they file confidential information at the end of each business day. 

Be prepared for the worst case scenario 

It’s important to be ready if and when a data breach does happen. Have a detailed and document Incident Management Plan already designed to guide you and your dealership through the incident. Have designated roles and assign responsibilities ahead of time, so it’s not a chaotic scramble figuring out who does what, if the breach were to happen. Most states have data breach requirements to follow. Already have someone designated for this and make sure your team knows who that person is. Otherwise, there could be fines and penalties. 

Destroy before trash

Simply deleting files or reformatting a hard drive doesn’t remove the data from existence. Use specific software that is designed to wipe the hard drive completely. All portable media, such as DVDs, CDs, USBs, etc. need to be destroyed. It’s best even to minimize the use of portable media, as these are more susceptible to be stolen or misplaced. Photocopy machines keep a copy of whatever document they scanned, so clear the data on there as well. Eliminate any paper trails by cross-cut shredding paper files before trashing any confidential information. 

Secure Computers and Laptops 

Passwords need to be changed regularly (i.e., once a week) and to something that doesn’t contain any personal information, such as name or birth year. Set up all computers or laptops to require someone to re-login if it’s been inactive for some time. Security software should be installed on all computers and laptops. This includes firewalls, anti-virus anti-spyware, and more, which keeps the security up-to-date electronically. Make sure every employee is aware of not keeping personal information on the computer or laptop unless it is necessary for business needs only. In addition, train your employees never to leave their computer or laptop unattended. 

There’s no saying if or when a data breach might happen at your dealership. But it’s always better to be prepared by practicing these safety tips to avoid it happening to you. After all, better safe than sorry. 

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ReconPro Back Office

See how much you need to pay your technicians for the work they perform, show vehicle arbitration date on printouts, subtract administration fee from technician revenue

New Features

  • Effective Labor Utilization Report
  • Configure showing arbitration date on printouts
  • Specify administration fee for commission calculation


  • Showing time values as decimal hours in the ‘Timesheet Logs’ report
  • Showing vendor bill notes in the ‘Technician Commissions by Paid Invoice’ report
  • Showing ‘Customer’ and ‘Insurance’ as separate columns in the ‘Days to Complete’ report
  • Showing recipients from invoice batch emails in the ‘Emailed Invoices’ report
  • NetSuite SuiteTalk Endpoint has been updated to the latest version

See the details of the new features here.

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ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.0

Sort repair orders within priority levels from newest to oldest and vice versa, view more information about important changes in repair order log

New Features

  • Sort repair orders by date within priority levels


  • Improvements in repair order audit log
  • Showing ‘Days in Phase’ consistently on the Repair Orders page
  • Showing pending services with a gray background on the Repair Order page

See the details of the new features here.

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