Mobile Estimate and Invoicing Software

Purpose-built for Auto Recon Professionals

Time is money, and since we can’t help with the repairs, we make it easier on you to get approvals, document prior damage, create AR invoices, get PO’s, and streamline back-office operations like payroll, and accounting.

If you want to spend less time on managing the business, and more time working on the business, click the button below and schedule a demo of our all-in-one mobile recon app.

ReconPro is your PDR invoicing app and mobile tech repair solution!

Praise for ReconPro

Create estimates on your device, and deliver via print or email

Multiple PDR and Hail matrixes included, and you can customize


PDR Estimate and Invoicing Software on different devices

Use on PC, iOS, or Android mobile devices

Product Features

  • Vin Decoder

    Includes trim, paint code lookup, vehicle recalls
  • R&I Labor Times

    Fully informed estimates
  • Conventional Repair Costs

    Know the alternatives
  • Commissions

    Calculate Flat Rate, % Gross / Net, Tired Commissions, Splits
  • Duplicate Vin Detection

    Avoid duplicate records
  • Full Service Menu Control

    Create a service menu specific to each account
  • Customer Specific Pricing

    Set, adjust, and control even the most complex pricing models
  • Service Requests

    Dispatch & Scheduling
  • Estimate Approvals

    On device, via web or quick link
  • Integrations

    Connect to accounting and shop management software systems
  • Configurable Question Forms

    Customized for your business process and priorities
  • Team Collaboration

    Share Inspections, Work orders, or Invoices across teams
  • Configurable Print Templates

    Your custom business identity and layouts in hard copy
  • Configurable Email Templates

    Your custom branding and layouts in emails
  • Real-time Reporting

    Data at your fingertips lets you know your numbers anytime

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