The Mobile Tech Expo – 2011 was a huge success!

A big thank you to everyone that took a few minutes to sit through our education session, and visit our booth. All of your feedback was much appreciated, so please keep it coming. On a side note it was great to see so many tech’s utilizing smart phones to further their business. Every year we see more and more people ready to make the move to eliminate paper, and this year was no different.

We will be reaching out over the next several days to setup online demonstrations for those of you that expressed an interest in taking a closer look.  If you don’t feel like waiting please click on the button below to schedule your demo session today.

Thanks again and speak to you soon!


See you at the Mobile Tech Expo – 2011


The team is packing up and heading to Corpus Christi Texas, for the 10th Annual Mobile Tech Expo. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again this year!

Stop by our booth and see what we have been working on! Including Bar-code Scanning for the iPhone,  Tablet PC Support, and Much More.

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Management by the numbers

Out of the hundreds of successful implementations we have had, it is always interesting to see how new customers react to seeing their company data automatically categorized and assembled into data driven management reports that are accessible from anywhere, at any time

The ability to view company reports using live production data, has the capability of transforming how you run your business.

Companies using our solution can easily review:

  • Profit and loss by location
  • Production data
  • Bottleneck areas
  • Average repair time per service
  • Invoice history
  • Service history
  • Service Package history
  • Sales reports / Commission Reports
  • Time cards
  • CRM Data
  • Plus much more.

If you are interested in taking a look to see how other companies with your industry are able to leverage our system to make better decisions, please take the first step and contact us today by clicking on the below button.

How do you follow-up?

As a general rule of thumb in sales, it takes roughly 5 or 6 contacts before a prospective client is ready to buy from you, yet most sales persons only make 1 or 2 attempts. It’s no wonder why it is hard to grow a business without an automated system in place. While this rule of thumb may not directly correlate to automotive service and repair businesses, the idea behind it FOLLOW-UP certainly is worth paying attention to.

So I ask how do you follow-up?

If you already have a wonderful group of people, processes, and systems in place already, Great! This post will be one that you can skip. For everyone else read on.

Paper based business processes are the enemy here at AMT, this would include the tracking of  sales leads, and follow-up on sheets of paper. When we recently visited a customer’s location that has been in business for years we were amazed to see that they had a stack of small sheets of paper with scribbled down names, numbers, e-mail addresses, and estimates. When we had walked in the owner was trying to find the little sheet of paper with the estimate they had quoted the week prior for a retail client that wanted to schedule a repair. Imagine how embarrassing it was for him to admit that he couldn’t find the paper estimate they had just completed the week prior. Nevermind, the fact that the owner now needs to have the work re-estimated, or ask the customer if they brought in the quote, OUCH.

Here is where a paperless digital system could have helped this automotive service and repair company.

  • Online storage and retrieval of all relevant customer information
  • Easily search for inspections, estimates, work orders, and invoices including  associated damage photos, voice notes, and descriptions
  • The office team could easily print the estimate off, updated it if necessary, get approval, and schedule the repair

AND LAST but Certainly not least

  • Automatic lead nurturing – This is likely a new keyword for some of you but it refers to the process of pro-actively following up with a prospective client, on some type of timed interval. This is one of the tools that can really accelerate the growth of your business when used properly.

One of the unique components that many of our customers have already taken advantage of is intelligent lead nurturing, here is how it works.

A retail or wholesale customer is provided an estimate for work to be completed but no additional work has been approved. SO, our system automatically starts to send follow-up reminders, and promotions on a timer. Asking the customer if they would like to have the repair scheduled, perhaps even offering a discount, etc. This high-touch follow-up process has been successful used in a variety of other industries, and it is completely configurable within our solution to meet your specific needs.

If you are interested in learning about how other automotive service and repair companies have been able to benefit from this kind of technology, please contact us today by clicking the button below and scheduling a demonstration.