Clients and Partners

We are privileged to provide solutions to some of the most forward-thinking and successful organizations in the automotive reconditioning industry. Here is a small sampling of our clients and partners…

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Atlanta Dent Company

“ReconPro has been a real game-changer!”
Roy Taylor -

365 Auto Essentials

“ReconPro has definitely been a lifesaver for the amount of business we have coming through now.”
Kamden Dunn -

Skratch House Auto Reconditioning Services

“Now what used to take hours I can handle in 5-10 minutes with ReconPro!”
Nathane VanHoose -

Illinois Auto Group

“You guys came to the rescue. Being able to track vehicles through ReconPro is going to help us long-term. We have to make it easy for our customer to use us, big-time. and I think having ReconPro’s automated system right now, you can’t beat it.”
Kurt Carlson -

MetroTech Automotive

“Our old software was built by a company that had little insight into the automotive field. It was taking too much time to educate them about our field and requirements. Now, using ReconPro, everything has been great. You can tell the authors of the software have an understanding of the Automotive industry. I would recommend ReconPro or ReconMonitor to anyone looking to improve, track and measure their internal automotive workflow.”
Steve Kessel -

Galpin Studio Rentals

“The greatest benefit from InspectionNotes is taking the gray area out of whether damage was caused by the current renter, therefore preventing ill feelings from the customer. If it's in the shot on the return and not on the way out, how can you argue with that? Just in previously lost revenue from tires and remotes alone, we save at least $1000 per month. Wish we had InspectionNotes years ago!”
Bob Dykes -

CARSTAR Express Edmonton South

“ReconPro has improved that process immensely. It's a tool that is quick and very handy. I like how you can pull out your device (phone) and do an estimate anywhere you please, including taking photos that automatically attach to the file. Pretty user-friendly, and easy to train new staff with.”
Aaron Nerenberg -

Hertz Avasa

“InspectionNotes is a very important tool for us. We take pictures of the cars at the moment of delivery and at the point of return to catch any damages. We are also able to create an inspection note (with the pictures included) that is sent to our customer´s email so they can have all the information as well. The process of delivery and return is faster; we charge more for damages and complaints decreased. InspectionNotes is an amazing tool, it is very easy to handle and simplifies all the processes that have to do with cars delivery and return.”
Hector Romero -

Bullseye Mobile Paintless Dent Removal

“As the owner I’m able to log on anytime, check the sales figures and see how my technicians are doing. It’s a very powerful app, when previously I had to either collect their invoices on a weekly basis and tally them up myself or ask them and take their word for it!”
Keith Cosentino -

The Seat Surgeon

“The one thing about it is the system works. It definitely makes our receivables better. It definitely eliminated the Accounts Payable people having to decipher the invoices. I mean now obviously they’re very legible, you got the VIN numbers on there, you've got a lot of ways of tracking it. So it definitely makes the receivable flow better.”
Morris West -

Skratch House Auto

“We used to spend 2 hours or more each night working with invoices and paperwork. That has been virtually eliminated. Now what used to take hours I can handle in 5-10 minutes with ReconPro.”
Nathane VanHoose -

Innerlast Automotive Interior Repair

``Everyone in our company uses this software and we could not operate with out it. We use this for invoicing our work, reporting and managing our people``
Dusty Scherer -

Frazer Computing

``Frazer is thrilled to be working with AutoMobile Technologies``
Michael Frazer -