ReconPro’s Ultimate Enhancement for Workflows and Tracking

What Does ReconMonitor Do?

ReconMonitor puts you in control of your workflows to keep the repairs moving forward from vehicle acquisition to customer delivery. If your team works away from your own fixed operation, this is your complete remote control. With this companion to ReconPro software, you can track each sublet or employee task and manage how those tasks are being performed. Automatic alerts will notify you if a sublet or employee gets behind schedule, and the system will send you several levels of visual alerts as any job for any car misses a milestone. This helps you execute your repairs at maximum speed.

Product Features

  • Essential Tools

    VIN Scan and decode, Customer Record Management, attach Photo and Video Inspections to work orders at the line-item level, one-touch bulk or line-item Approvals.
  • Workflow Management

    Manage your workflow from in-transit to the frontline to help get vehicles frontline ready in 3-5 days.
  • Mechanical and Cosmetic Inspections

    Create multiple inspections per vehicle. Includes OEM Certified Pre-Owned Inspections, Cosmetic Inspections and Vehicle Condition Reports.
  • Parts and Labor Hours Management

    The system provides access to OEM parts & numbers, mechanical labor hours, and parts ordering.
  • Service Request

    Schedule software for the service drive. Aligns the service advisors with the back shop to make sure vehicles are prioritized.