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ReconPro’s Ultimate Enhancement for Workflows and Tracking

What Does ReconMonitor Do?

ReconMonitor puts you in control of your workflows to keep the repairs moving forward from vehicle acquisition to customer delivery. If your team works away from your own fixed operation, this is your complete remote control. With this companion to ReconPro software, you can track each sublet or employee task and manage how those tasks are being performed. Automatic alerts will notify you if a sublet or employee gets behind schedule, and the system will send you several levels of visual alerts as any job for any car misses a milestone. This helps you execute your repairs at maximum speed.

Product Features

  • Power Forms Customization

    Business, process, and industry-specific forms creation is part of the package. Create specific forms for your business in digital format, with print and editing capabilities. Includes dynamic forms automated to trigger additional steps and processes.
  • Real-time Event Notifications

    Send and receive alerts and notifications for any condition or status change. Notify customers of their vehicle’s status, and alert vendors and employees when their work is coming. No more phone calls required to keep everyone informed.
  • NHTSA Vehicle Recall Information

    Up-to-date recall information delivered against any vehicle in process.
  • Technician Worklog

    Every tech and vendor has a real-time worklog to keep them progressing forward.
  • Vendor Management and Payment

    The system manages all of your vendors and their workloads, and shows you how much to pay each vendor per repair.

You know that turning your repairs efficiently is the key to profitability. Nobody wins when a car is stuck in process being reconditioned. Often, these delays are avoidable.

Better visibility and controls over the reconditioning process can help get your vehicles processed more efficiently. ReconMonitor replaces manual tracking and paper-based management with an integrated solution that keeps vehicles moving at speed.

ReconMonitor keeps you in touch and in control of your reconditioning operation. Gone are the endless phone calls to the shop to check the status of a vehicle. Less time making and answering calls means more time working and faster turn-arounds. And that means peace of mind.

Control of Recon process

ReconMonitor is software that puts you in control of your hardware

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