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Your most useful business tool is one you might never find in your cart

As a PDR professional, you want to have the right tool for every job. And when you come across a situation that exposes a gap in your toolkit, you are McGuyver-like in your ability to find or fashion a tool that solves the problem and gets the job done. AMT is like that with our software products.

We’ve been building and improving our PDR software and mobile reconditioning apps for over a decade. That experience, combined with real-world feedback from the car lots and service bays where our users operate, has helped us develop ReconPro to be the leading paintless dent repair estimating software on the market. Whether you are using the mobile PDR app to create an estimate and get signature approval on location, or logging into your back-office to upload invoices to QuickBooks or add dent repair estimates to your customer’s Shop Management system, you know that all your work is captured, synced, and verified so you can focus on serving your customers and making money.

ReconPro™ is mobile PDR software used by large enterprise recon companies to manage teams across regions, and by solo and small PDR and SMART Repair businesses, too. Available on iOS or Android, auto body estimating software eliminates paperwork and automates many of the tasks you used to have to do on paper or enter by hand. You wouldn’t think of heading out to your next job without your tools. Don’t show up without the tool that maximizes your time, and speeds you from inspection to paid invoice without the need to fill out paperwork.

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