Vehicle Reconditioning Software Features

How AMT Can Help All Vehicle Reconditioning Operations

AMT products offer an impressive array of features to solve critical business problems in managing auto reconditioning. Specially designed mobile software perfectly integrates every aspect of vehicle reconditioning into a convenient application that saves you time and leads to profit growth over days, months, and years. The list below includes some, not nearly all, of the useful features available to our clients. Contact our Client Solutions team to learn how we apply them to help your business.

  • Essential Tools

  • CPO & Vehicle Condition Reports

  • Lot Walk

  • Advanced Pricing Capability

  • Team & Area Management

  • Commission Models

  • Client Dashboard

  • Custom Print & Email Templates

  • Time & Attendance

  • Payment Processing

  • Accounting and Management Systems Integrations

  • Power Forms Customization

  • Service Request & Scheduling

  • Vendor Support

  • Custom Events and Notification

  • Hail / PDR Tools

  • Service Contract Management

  • Consumer Portal

  • Supplement Management

  • Wheel Repair Package

  • Paint Codes Support

  • Conventional Pricing

  • Parts Management

  • R&I Labor Times

Essential Tools

VIN Scanning and decoding, Customer Record Management, Photo and Video Inspections that attach to work orders at the line-item level, one-touch bulk or line-item Approvals, Invoicing, and Back Office systems. The app is self-contained, so it works with or without Internet access, and can print to most printers, even without Internet connection.

Included with: ReconPro, ReconMonitor, InspectionNotes, Repair360

CPO & Vehicle Condition Reports

All manufaturers’ CPO forms in digital format means no clipboard needed to perform CPO inspections and reconditioning, Vehicle condition reports are created right in the application, and can be printed and/or emailed anywhere. AMT maintains all CPO requirements and updates CPO forms as they are changed by the manufacturer.

Available with: ReconPro, ReconMonitor, Repair360, InspectionNotes

Lot Walk

If you need a convenient way to prepare multiple estimates for review at once, share the list with your clients, approve them all at once, or line-by-line, Lot Walk will be a valuable feature both for you and for your Dealership clients. We know of no other software on the market that allows you to perform Lot Walk activities in such a powerful and convenient way.

Available with: ReconPro

Advanced Pricing Capability

Set, adjust, and control even the most complex pricing models. Create per-panel, per car, bundle services, and align pricing with the type of work, customer, or other variables. Your control includes the ability to program discounts, set limits, and control who is authorized to make changes.

Included with: ReconPro

Team & Area Management

Manage working groups and supervisory roles to control information access and responsibilities

Available with: ReconPro, ReconMonitor, Repair360

Commission Models

Set and adjust commissions by vendor, type of work, customer, and other variables. The software allows you to administer different commission types based on Type of Work, Client, etc. Commission calculations adjust to take into consideration expenses associated with the repair. We can set up tiered commissions that change % based on amount of work done and revenue paid, and we have manager and sales-team commission layers too.

Included with: ReconPro, Repair360

Client Dashboard

A comprehensive console for your wholesale clients that keeps them current on the status of their vehicles and repairs, and lets you stay focused on the business. Your clients no longer need to call you to request copies of invoices, estimates, or other documents – they get access to all of their documents online! The dashboard also lets them submit new work requests to your company, get analytic reports like service drive operations, repair orders analysis, and more.

Included with: ReconPro, InspectionNotes, Repair360

Custom Print & Email Templates

We create custom forms, communication templates, invoices, work orders to suit your business process and your brand.

Included with: ReconPro, InspectionNotes, Repair360

Time & Attendance

Track hours on specific tasks as well as total hours worked by teams and individuals. Keep schedules up to date and teams informed about schedule changes. Approve time off, request disclaimer, track overtime per each state’s rule

Included with: ReconPro, ReconMonitor, Repair360

Payment Processing

Accept Credit Card payments directly through the software.

Available with: ReconPro

Accounting and Management Systems Integrations

Software integrations with many accounting packages such as QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage, etc., as well as Dealer and Bodyshop Management Systems.
Available with: ReconPro, ReconMonitor, InspectionNotes, Repair360

Power Forms Customization

Business, process, and industry-specific forms creation is part of the package. Need a specific form for your business? We create it in digital format, with print and editing capabilities. We can create dynamic forms, where answers in the forms can trigger additional steps and processes, like add service to a repair on an estimate, make a rental car reservation, send an alert, create a request for a follow up estimate, etc.

Included with: ReconPro, Repair360

Service Request & Scheduling

Allow your customers to submit advance work requests and schedule appointments. These scheduled events become the start of the work order process. ReconPro tracks changes in the appointment status, based on the repair information in the system, and automatically notifies a supervisor, tech or customer of any exceptions or changes.
Available with: ReconPro, ReconMonitor, InspectionNotes, Repair360

Vendor Support

Vendor tracking and work authorizations with remote approvals keep vendors on schedule. Invoicing, payments and commissions all accessed from the software.

Available with: ReconPro, ReconMonitor, InspectionNotes, Repair360

Custom Events and Notification

Send and receive alerts and notifications for any condition or status change. Notify customers of their vehicle’s status, and alert vendors and employees when their work is coming. No more phone calls required to keep everyone informed.

Available with: ReconPro, ReconMonitor, InspectionNotes, Repair360

Hail / PDR Tools

Full support for the PDR and Hail repair professional. Everything from facility fees, commission calculations, customizable hail matrixes, and more can be set up quickly, so you can get started right away.

Included with: ReconPro

Service Contract Management

If you’re working with F&I contracts, ReconPro can help you initiate a claim, schedule a repair, and maintain all records associated with the Service Contract. Apply Service Contract terms directly into vehicle records to create correct invoicing and improve customer satisfaction.
Available with: ReconPro

Consumer Portal

Give your customer online access to information about their vehicle, including historical records of service, and you can control what they see. Satisfaction surveys and 2-way messaging through portal is included.

Included with: ReconPro

Supplement Management

PDR professionals often deal with estimate supplements. ReconPro can be a real help in tracking estimate changes, approvals, updates, and modifications. ReconPro is the only software in its class that supports multiple estimate versions, keeps track of approval status for changed line items, and allows online sharing and approvals by your clients.

Included with: ReconPro, InspectionNotes