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Wheel Repair Software

Need to track everything from the initial estimate all the way through into your financial system? You are in the right spot! Whether you run a fixed location or a mobile wheel repair operation, our mobile software solution helps you ensure that your team is running at full speed and efficiency.

Noteworthy Features

Essential Tools

VIN Scanning and decoding, Customer Record Management, Photo and Video Inspections that attach to work orders at the line-item level, one-touch bulk or line-item Approvals, Invoicing, and Back Office systems. The app is self-contained, so it works with or without Internet access, and can print to most printers, even without Internet connection

Reconditioning workflow activities
Wheel Repair Package (Big)

Wheel Repair Package

A customizable workflow that can be tailored to your specific operation. Track wheel location and repair status from pickup to return delivery, and know how many wheels you have in each phase of the repair process at any point in time. View metrics on wheel repair times to monitor and continually reduce your turnaround time. Print labels for wheels and tires to track the identity of the owner and the repairs to be made. Send email and text communications to keep those involved in the process fully informed of the repair status

Team & Area Management

Manage working groups and supervisory roles to control information access and responsibilities

Team & Area Management
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Commission Models

Set and adjust commissions by vendor, type of work, customer, and other variables. The software allows you to administer different commission types based on Type of Work, Client, etc. Commission calculations adjust to take into consideration expenses associated with the repair. We can set up tiered commissions that change % based on amount of work done and revenue paid, and we have manager and sales-team commission layers too

Accounting and Management Systems Integrations

Software integrations with many accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Sage, etc., as well as Dealer and Bodyshop Management Systems

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Service Request & Scheduling

Allow your customers to submit advance work requests and schedule appointments. These scheduled events become the start of the work order process. ReconPro tracks changes in the appointment status, based on the repair information in the system, and automatically notifies a supervisor, tech or customer of any exceptions or changes

Advanced Pricing Capability

Set, adjust, and control even the most complex pricing models. Create per-panel, per car, bundle services, and align pricing with the type of work, customer, or other variables. Your control includes the ability to program discounts, set limits, and control who is authorized to make changes

Advanced Pricing Capability