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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, and we’re always willing to answer them directly. Below is a list of questions we get from many people, but if yours isn’t on the list, just let us know by clicking the chat button below, and we’ll be happy to answer.

Automobile Technologies does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your transaction data or any Personally Identifiable Information without your consent. We do offer integration with several dealership and shop management systems, but your data is shared with those parties only with your expressed consent and only with those integration partners you select. Please see our privacy policy and/or your subscriber agreement for full information.
Yes, you can print from the web, or from within the application itself. While using the application you can print disconnected from the internet if necessary.
Yes, our system will allow you to scan the VIN, and decode the Year, Make, and Model automatically. The scan can also flag recall information and return OEM color codes for the vehicle.
Yes. You may customize what information is printed on your documents. Even more, you may have different formats for different situations (for example retail vs. wholesale or dealer or insurance-specific versions)
Yes, you can calculate commissions based upon flat rate, percentage, even for managers and splits etc.
Yes, our system allows you to easily create your own matrix with any pricing, panels, up-charges, etc.
Yes, you can take as many photos as you would like before the repair, during the repair, and after the repair, and attach them to the vehicle record. The photos can then be emailed, saved for future reference, and/or printed.

We offer the most comprehensive reporting available in the industry. Many reports are included to track team productivity, time tracking, compliance, expenses, etc. Advanced search data can be exported to excel and other reporting tools, and we can create custom reporting to suit your business needs.

No, technicians are not able to see each other’s pay rates or commissions. They can, however, see their own pay information if you choose.
Yes, you can set up customer-specific pricing easily from the administrative area of the application.
The mobile app will work without an internet connection. Once connected to the internet. any new inspections, estimates, work orders, and invoices will be sent to the back-office automatically.
Yes, based upon the year, make, and model of the vehicle, we have a full database that shows the exterior paint code and color.
Yes, our system provides the ability to lookup R&I Times
Yes, with ReconPro Team or Enterprise addition you can easily setup team sharing so that technicians can access each other’s estimates, work orders, and invoices.
You can get an approval either via signature on the device, via email, or online.
Yes, invoices can be approved within ReconPro and then sent to Quickbooks.
Quickbooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop (Windows Only)
Yes, you can format your data export to suit your needs.
Yes, we can create vendor bills from technician commissions and export them into Quickbooks.
We can print to any AirPrint compatible printer. If you want to print disconnected from the Internet you would need a printer that also includes a feature called Wireless Direct Printing.