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Digital marketing

How To Market Your PDR Business Online

Online marketing includes any methods and promotional strategies a business will execute on the internet to reach its target audience …
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Billboard ReconPro

Faster Repair-craft

Whatever your particular craft – your specialty when it comes to automotive reconditioning work – your skill in that craft …
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ReconPro for business


You enjoy the work you do, take pride in your craft, and appreciate making something better than it was when …
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Enterprise sign

ReconPro Integration with Enterprise Systems

If you do work for Enterprise Rent-a-Car, did you know your ReconPro™ integrates with Enterprise? This means your estimates don’t …
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AMT Launches Repair360

AMT Launches Repair360

Repair360 – A Complete Automotive Reconditioning Management System A single system for managing all components and contributors to automotive reconditioning …
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Best in town

Finding Your “Better” Thing …
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Shift Intake Cars

Lot Walk Enhancements

You get paid for the actual work, and anything that eats into that time eats into your profit. ReconPro’s enhanced …
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Used cars on dealer lot

5 Tips For Operating A Successful Used Car Business

Running a business can be both an exciting and challenging time, and used cars are an increasingly popular choice among …
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Used cars parked

Do Used Car Customers Buy Old Cars? We Have The Answer.

Are you a dealership that automatically wholesales out all trade-ins more than three or four years old? You may want …
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Recon Center

OEMs Prioritize Service Parts, and So Should You

With new vehicle sales well below last year’s numbers, and in anticipation of continued soft new car sales this year, …
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Used cars parked

Empathy, Cooperation are Key to Industry Restart

How to restart an industry? Work together as an industry! Empathy, Cooperation are Key to Industry Restart …
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New and Pre-owned Sales

Dealers Calling for Inventory

Early signs of a resurgence in used car buying are waking up the industry from its pandemic-induced doldrums. We’ve heard …
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Hertz, Thrifty and Dollar rental car logos

The Hertz Effect on Vehicle Sales

With the bankruptcy of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc., there will soon be an extraordinary volume of vehicles on offer, creating …
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Four images of SMART repair areas - PDR, chip repair, wheel repair, and paint touch-up

S.M.A.R.T. Repair in the USA

The term “SMART Repair” has become a popular way of representing the mobile repair industry in the UK and is …
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Car detail cleaning

7 Things No One Tells You About Starting A Car Detailing Business

From Detail King CEO Nick Vacco For anyone looking to start a car detailing business, it has the possibility of …
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Dealership happy customers

5 Tips From Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec To Improve Sales At Your Dealership

Robert Herjavec When a person comes to your dealership, they’re in the market for a car. Whether they make a …
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What is Your Strongest Credential?

The dictionary defines a credential as, “anything that provides the basis for confidence, belief, credit, etc.” In business, we use …
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Open for business neon

Re-creating Your “New” Business

No matter how many years or how many generations your business has been in existence, you are starting a new …
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Hand handcuff banknote dollar handcuffed money

Credit First: Missing Link in Dealership Digital Sales

Craig Sims, Vice President of Equifax Automotive Services, once said, “In the ideal world of the future, customers will be …
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Focus on recon

Maximizing Hourly Revenue

5 Overlooked Ways To Improve Touch Time For Your SMART Business …
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Transformation handshake digitization

7 Effective Ways To Embrace Change In Your Dealership Process

Much the same as the way car repairs have evolved over the years, so has the entire dealership process. Recent …
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Used cars parked

Reconditioning Your Way to Profit if Used Car Values Tank

When your cars have no buyers, how do you prepare for the future? The transfer of new-to-used, used-to-auction, and rental-to-auction …
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Empty delaer lot

Vehicle Demand in a Time of Disruption

Revisiting the statistics to project second-quarter sales targets. Economy woes are on the minds of every business right now, and …
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