ReconPro Starter mobile app 3.5.2

Use generic services, configure a flexible sequence of repair order phases, monitor work orders, start and complete phases and services easier, and much more

New Features

  • Generic Services
  • Start and stop the clock for phases or services
  • Partial phase enforcement
  • Access repair orders from work order list
  • View and add repair order notes
  • Add notes to services in repair order phases


  • Starting and completing phases and services made easier
  • Select a part for conventional repair
  • Showing MOTOR labor time and OEM# based on the part position
  • Generating question answer services as Parts & Labor bundle
  • Showing bundle service items in repair order phases
  • Showing in-progress repair orders by default
  • Distinguishing between repair order phase and services
  • Showing only High and Low priority icons for repair orders
  • Showing currency based on the region settings of devices
  • Showing service request list after creating an inspection or a work order from a service request.

Fixed Issues

  • The Start button was shown for phases that had already been started.
  • The Complete button was shown for phases that had already been completed.
  • Decimals were not visible on the screen if the dollar amount was equal or greater than 10,000.00.
  • Customer mode was misleadingly shown for team inspections, work orders, invoices, and service requests.
  • When creating an inspection from a service request, all inspection types were shown instead of assigned ones.

See the details of the new features and improvements here.

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