Repair360 Back Office 3.7.6

Add vendor invoices, credit memos, and other documents to repair orders; add multiple services to repair orders, delete services and tasks from repair orders

New Features

  • Add documents to repair orders
  • Delete repair order services and tasks
  • Add multiple services to repair orders
  • Automatically add labor for parts
  • Copy service request customer from service contract
  • Manage catalog pricing information
  • Order parts from Epicor online catalog
  • Payment Reversal Reasons


  • Expand active phases on the ‘Repair Order’ detail view
  • Changing technician and adding notes during repair order checkout
  • Adding and editing repair order work time view made easier
  • Showing audit log of service status changes after closing and re-opening repair orders
  • Showing Stock Number and Total Amount in the ‘Parts Inventory’ report
  • Hidden
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