ReconMonitor Back Office 3.6.0

View service request list, search for service requests by specific details, approve, reject, and close service requests, edit service request contacts and vehicle information

New Features

  • Manage service requests


  • Additional filter options for some reports
  • The ‘Position’ field for user profile
  • The ‘Mileage’ field for repair orders
  • Get quotes for parts in the ‘RTV’ and ‘RTV Complete’ statuses
  • The saved search algorithm has been optimized for better performance.
  • The percent completed of repair orders is correctly updated if phases contain tasks only (without services).
  • When the repair order department is changed by a user, the user info is automatically logged.
  • The ‘Vendor Price’ field on the Parts Management page is updated when a quote is received from a generic part provider or a quote is received from a punch-out part provider and the part is matched with the service.

See the details of the new features and improvements here.

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