Body Shop Systems Integrations with ReconPro

  • Push estimates directly to body shop management systems
  • Automatic uploads without needing to re-enter data


Sync Your Estimates with Your Customer’s Systems

When you’re working your customer lots, you need to be as efficient as possible. ReconPro integrates with nearly all Shop Management and Dealer Management Systems so you can submit estimates and invoices directly through those systems.

We have out-of-the-box EMS/BMS connectivity to Mitchell and Audatex software, and push estimates to CCC using fully automated Estify integration. With ReconPro, your estimates and supplements are all integrated with your customer’s systems, and submitting for insurance approvals and consolidated payments is simple and paperless. This gives you an easy, seamless way to integrate with your customer’s front-end crash systems. No other mobile repair software solution offers the quality system integrations available with ReconPro.

Current ReconPro users can learn more about these or other capabilities through our KnowledgeBase, or reach out to our Support team for answers.

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  • Eurojackpot says:

    Its just an estimate. Key word estimate. You didnt see any carrier denying the supplements when taken to a shop. It an estimate written on a picture, most often you cant have a thorough estimate until after tear down. I took my car to a shop for a visual estimate and he also did a very poor job. He didnt get under the car or raise the hood. He wrote the lowest dollar possible. They simply want to force you to get the vehicle repaired in order to get the true repair cost.

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