Streamline Reconditioning To Improve Your Throughput

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After a car is purchased at auction, the average reconditioning process will take anywhere between seven and ten days. But how many of those hours are dedicated entirely to the vehicle? When it comes down to it, each vehicle requires different levels of reconditioning. For most used car dealerships, there are always efficiencies that can reduce cycle time during the reconditioning process.


Get An Accurate Measurement Of Your Current Workflow

The most successful used car dealerships can have vehicles front-line ready in just five days. To figure out how to increase your workflow speed, use management software to measure your current processes. Constantly analyze where you can reduce time and effort to increase your workflow’s momentum.


Make Sure Your Team Follows Exact Processes And Utilizes The Software

You know running a used car dealership is a team effort. How well your team works together and how disciplined the environment is can strongly dictate how quickly you can operate your business during back-office, sales, and reconditioning stages.

If your team is recording information, following protocol, and providing and receiving constant communication and updates in real-time, then you can easily shave off days of time during reconditioning. Knowledge is power, and knowing the status of your operation at all times will give you the power to improve.


Prioritize Setting Up A Management Software System

AMT offers software solutions designed to make your reconditioning process more efficient, provide you with better visibility, and give you peace of mind knowing that your back-office is always up-to-date. ReconMonitor is a state of the art workflow automation software for dealerships and auto remarketing companies. ReconMonitor software helps you decrease reconditioning cycle time and increase your control and profitability.