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Recon Operations – Doing it Right

You got recon right

Congratulations! Your reconditioning operation is at peak efficiency, hooray! 

...How do you know?

Automotive professionals understand the value of reconditioning better than most. After all, reconditioning is the conversion step in the supply chain, where value is added to every vehicle, and resale profit is made. That’s why getting Recon right is so important. Delivering a steady supply of well-reconditioned, frontline-ready vehicles at maximum speed and quality will also maximize profits.

So how do you know when you’ve “got it right”? Is it a gut-feeling? You’re getting cars, and it’s not taking *too* long to get them through recon and onto the front line? Your resale revenue covers the cost and there’s money left over, so …“yippee”?

Reconditioning management

Chances are, if you’ve been in the business for a while, you know where to pay attention in recon. There are lots of moving parts and process steps, and each one needs to operate efficiently in order to promote the larger efficient operation. There are cost thresholds and per vehicle budget guidelines designed to protect margins, but understanding the operation at ground level is how to gain control.

Are you tracking all the work for each vehicle, with an eye toward vendor and technician hours and costs, parts ordering and costs, and overall time management across all phases and process steps within your operation? Do you know where your bottlenecks are? Are your vendors adding the value they should without increasing cycle times? Are your technicians idle when there’s work to do because of a missed communication?

Repair360 was developed to help you take command and control of your reconditioning operation. From the moment you acquire the vehicle to the moment it hits the frontline, Repair360 is a single management system and communications platform for every step and every contributor.

Inspections and estimates are routed for approvals based on your thresholds and practices, parts can be ordered directly through the software, and technicians and vendors are notified about work required through desktop and mobile devices. Management has dashboard visibility to every car at every phase of recon. This allows you to identify bottlenecks impacting your cycle times, and allows you to make adjustments to assignments or priority for any vehicle.

Gone is the need to shepherd a car in the hand-off from one process step to the next. Gone also, are the endless phone calls and floor-walking needed to check status and schedules. Every stakeholder from the C-suite to management to vendors and technicians has access to the real-time information they need to to their job.


Knowledge is power, and Repair360 gives you the knowledge to drive your recon operation to peak efficiency, and the power to keep it that way.

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