Customer Testimonial – Bullseye Paintless Dent Removal

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As our company started growing, being on all  paper invoices was a great distraction . At some point technicians in the field had to take those invoices physically to our office to be processed again by book keepers ! We  lost technician productivity while techs take precious time to get back to the office  when they could be producing revenue. Eliminating this step alone pays for ReconPro! Now as soon as a tech creates an invoice, it’s uploaded automatically to the home station! No more physical travel for pointless tasks!

Also we’ve  captured  jobs from larger companies thanks to our professional image! Emailing a nice beautiful electronic estimate immediately, versus a hand scratched paper invoice by fax or scan or (gasp!) regular mail!

As the owner I’m able to log on anytime, check the sales figures and see how my technicians are doing.  It’s a very powerful tool, when previously I had to either collect their invoices on a weekly basis and tally them up myself or ask them and take their word for it!

ReconPro has changed the face of our business and given us the framework to grow 2,3,or 10 times larger without worrying about paper.

I’d buy it again in a second!

Keith Cosentino
Bullseye Paintless Dent Removal, INC