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Repair360 Back Office 3.8.3

Roles management, vehicle Inventory, MOTOR car-specific parts and labor catalogs, new reports and dashboards, and many other new features and improvements have been released

New Features

  • Manage Roles
  • Vehicle Inventory
  • MOTOR car-specific parts catalogs
  • Part inventory adjustments
  • Punch-out Status Report
  • Integration Dashboards
  • Ensure adding documents to part inventory batches
  • Auto-stop working time
  • Add repair bundles to repair orders


  • Print multiple inspections related to a repair order
  • Check out repair order when approving services
  • Deleting services from closed & on-hold ROs is not allowed
  • Changes in deleting parts & labor from repair orders
  • Support for linked labor types and skills in catalogs
  • Ensure adding credit memos to parts and cores in the ‘RTV Complete’ status
  • Use grams and quarts for parts inventory UOM
  • Improved sorting for repair order parts
  • Showing flag hours and reported time
  • Showing the ‘Work Started’ indicator on the repair order list
  • Support for the ‘Vehicle’ price policy in ReconMonitor
  • Returned parts are excluded from repair order total amount
  • Populating the default labor time for required services in auto-created inspections and work orders
  • Enhancements for Parts Inventory
  • Extended access for users with administrative roles
  • Changes in the ‘Part Activity’ report
  • Settings for the ‘Parts Inventory’ add-on
  • Hidden
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