ReconPro mobile app 2.14.9 for iOS devices

Have your invoices paid faster by accepting your customer’s payments made by credit card, and switch between your inspections and team inspections easily on a single screen.

New Features

  • Accept credit card payment of invoices
  • Single view for inspections

See the details of each new feature here.


  • Signature drawing performance has been improved.

Fixed Issues

  • There was an issue with using the flash for scanning a VIN or a stock number.
  • In some cases an area ZIP code was not shown in the address section on invoice printouts.
  • In some cases there was an issue with saving an inspection as final.
  • The total amount of a work order and the total amount of its services were rounded differently.
  • After selecting a custom damage, the list of damages automatically switched from the Custom mode to the Default mode on the Visual screen of inspections in the ReconPro HD version.
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