Detailing the Batmobile

Turbo vehicle

Every Car is Somebody’s Batmobile

  • People have a special relationship with their vehicles:
    • Trusted and reliable transport
    • Valued and valuable possession
    • A statement about who they are

Doesn’t Matter What Kind Of Car

The owner’s identity is linked to their vehicle, so whether it’s a Pinto or a Lambo, a Nissan pickup or a Hummer, it’s their “baby”. They expect your work to be the best, and to be wowed by the results. Make sure you set yourself up for success

Understand Their Needs

  • Ask them about their vehicle. People love to talk about themselves, and by extension, they’ll like telling you the story of their car
  • Get them to talk about what they like best about the car, and what they think needs attention
  • Listen to what they expect from your work

Set Expectations

Even the best workmanship and excellent results can lead to disaster if the client is expecting an impossible outcome. No amount of craftsmanship can make a 7-year-old vehicle look like it just came out of the new car showroom. It’s better to let the customer know, and have their expectations set slightly lower than what you know you can deliver. That results in a happy customer who will repeat and refer.

Don’t Give Away The Store

Sometimes, your desire to impress a new client with the quality of your work can end up doing you a disservice. Avoid the temptation to over-deliver with extra services for which you might otherwise charge. We know of a few Detailers, for example, who “threw in” services that cost them significant time and materials during their customer’s first appointment. The customers were pleased, of course, but never paid for those services on any subsequent jobs. They hadn’t been properly sold on the value of the services that they got for free. Of course, you may want to add a little unexpected extra to cement the customer’s satisfaction, but “it’s the thought that counts”. Don’t go crazy.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be a Great Salesperson
    • Show respect to the customer AND their vehicle
    • Listen to their needs
    • Translate those needs into specific services
    • Recommend any additional services you think are needed
  • Protect Yourself
    • Take photos before you start and note any damage
    • Set expectations for end results, cost, and completion time
    • Deliver on those expectations


  • Invite Problems
    • Assume the customer understands your business
    • Skip the write-up, approvals or photos
    • Give away a free service unless they understand its value and know it’s just a one-time event.
  • Waste Your Opportunity
    • Forget to schedule their next appointment
    • Forget to ask about other vehicles they may have
    • Forget to ask for referrals


Whether it’s “Quick, Robin, to the Batmobile!” or “Quick, Family, to the Mini-van!”, our vehicles are how we take on the world’s challenges. Each deserves meticulous care.

All of Gotham counting on you to be the superhero professional you know you can be. So strap on your Utility Belt (cape is optional), and get out there and protect!

Batmobile is a registered trademark of DC Comics