Commission Tracking made easy

Let’s face it tracking commissions on PAPER can be a NIGHTMARE why not hit the easy button?

We have seen some VERY creative solutions made by companies looking to eliminate this problem. Including creating special excel spreadsheets, Microsoft access databases, Google forms, and many others.

While some of them are quite impressive, many have found that they were attempting to automate the wrong portion of this process.

By focusing on simply PROCESSING the paperwork in the office, the actual proces that is generating the paperwork is left un-addressed. Someone still needs to do the hard work of gathering all of the required paperwork, reading the handwriting, seeing what services have been performed, then entering them into one of the described home grown commission tracking system..

Sound familiar?

If so, you might be interested to learn about AutoMobile Technologies, Inc. (AMT). We offer a highly customizable mobile and web based system to eliminate all of your manual data entry, and paper processing. Our solution focuses on digitally collecting information your information out in the the field, and processing transactional workflow (Business Logic) as things occur automatically in real time. This eliminates the need to handle any paperwork, or data entry. The best part is that our solution can accommodate tracking not only your estimates, work orders, and invoices, but also technician commissions, including flat rate per ticket, service, splits, percentage based commissions, and so on. We also offer a variety of easy to read reports, and integration with many accounting and payroll systems to make your life easier.

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