Real-Time Decision Making

Here at AutoMobile Technologies, Inc. (AMT) we specialize in helping automotive service and repair companies to eliminate the hassles associated with running a business on paper.

We have been able to help pdr companies, detail companies, recon companies, collision centers, repair shops, and new and used car departments to eliminate thousands of paper inspections, estimates, work orders, invoices, and other forms by enabling our customers to replace these forms with our digital solution.

No matter the type of company that we are helping, one of the areas that is always a problem is having the right data available to support accurate decision making.

Questions like these, can be answered in seconds using our digital solution.

  • Is my business seasonal?
  • How long does my average repair take?
  • Who are my best technicians?
  • What services & packages are selling the best?

If we were to ask all of our customers what is the biggest difference between running their business using our system vs. on paper 9 out of 10 of them would respond by saying they now have instant access to all of their data which helps them make better decisions based upon fact, and not gut feel or instinct.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you make better decisions based upon your actual data please take a minute to click the below link and contact us today.