3 Things You Should Know when Buying PDR Software

What is PDR Software? (Paintless Dent Removal Software) is software specifically designed to help Paintless Dent Removal companies to eliminate the challenges associated with creating manual inspections, estimates, work orders, and invoices and getting this information back to the office. However, the problem that many PDR companies have is that they have problems finding mobile and office based software that fits all the various parts of their business.

Here are 3 things you should look for before you buy PDR Software:

1. Workflow – Find a solution that can accommodate the workflow for all of the scenarios within your business.

Some of those scenarios include: (Retail Operations, Wholesale Accounts, Retail Hail, Wholesale Hail, Fixed Operations)

2. Reports – Don’t forget about the reports! Aside from accommodating different workflow scenarios PDR Software (Paintless Dent Removal Software) needs to provide reporting access so that mobile tech’s are not only able to create paperless invoices, estimates, work orders, and invoices but also provide business mangers, office users, accountants, customers, and technician access to all of the information they need.

3. Integration – Ensure that the software solution you choose can integrate into your accounting package, estimate system, body shop management system, merchant service account, time and attendance software, etc.

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