Using paper forms can lead to a variety of issues

Coffee stained, torn, crumpled and just plain missing – chasing down work orders from your techs can be downright frustrating.  Using paper forms can lead to a variety of issues such as accuracy, efficiency and productivity at the point of data capture, none of which compares to your time when trying to track them down.  Capturing that information electronically allows you the peace of mind that it is not only accurate but that you can retrieve it with the click of your mouse.

Technicians are the backbone of recon; they do the work to bring your customers back and puts the money in the bank.  They are not administrative minded, they can seemingly get lost in their work of diagnosing this and fixing that, and that is exactly what you want them to be doing.  But when it comes time for you to invoice your customer having that information is just as important as the work that was done.  Tracking down Joe the tech and making him stop his work and find the work order not only wastes your time, but it wastes his as well.  Best case scenario it interrupts the work flow of two people, worst case it halts production until the work order is found or duplicated.

Now, if Joe’s work order is created, dispatched, updated, and completed electronically there is no need to track it down.  There is no guessing if that mark is supposed to be there or if it’s from his jelly doughnut from yesterday.  There is no deciphering cryptic handwriting.  There is no going out to the shop (or across town) to locate a missing work order.  But most importantly there is no interrupting Joe from doing what he does best – taking care of the next customer.

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