7 Effective Ways To Embrace Change In Your Dealership Process

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Much the same as the way car repairs have evolved over the years, so has the entire dealership process. Recent events have created or accelerated the need for changes more rapidly than anyone expected. Change can be a scary, confusing time, but it can also be incredibly exciting as you evolve to bring your dealership to the next level. Once you embrace change, then you open up to the many new opportunities that can come your way that will be beneficial to everyone involved. It’s crucial that every member of your team is ready to be part of the change and not hinder the opportunities that could come. 

So how do you embrace change in your dealership process? What are the ways you can innovate and adapt to the wants and needs of the consumer of today? From social media to better communication amongst your team, the following are 7 effective ways to embrace change in your dealership process:

  1. Make it a team effort: When you let your employees know how their contributions are essential to the changes you’re making, it will make them feel empowered. By encouraging everyone to be a part of the changes you’re making, they will feel like they have an essential role in the changes being made. You don’t run the risk of someone feeling left out or like they don’t have anything to offer. Instead, you show that the evolution of your dealership is a team effort.
  2. Lead through an example: Your employees are looking to you and your leadership team as a source of motivation and inspiration during the times of change. It’s crucial that you demonstrate a positive attitude, as this will reflect in the way they approach the new changes in your dealership process.
  3. Check-in: Nobody is expected to grasp the new changes overnight. Some of your employees might be having a harder time than others, but don’t want to verbalize it for fear of looking like a failure. Check in with your employees to see how they are doing, if they have any questions or concerns, and perhaps any suggestions. Offer additional training or any other support that might be needed throughout the process.
  4. Accentuate the positive: It’s important that your employees know the benefits of this change so that they can visualize what these changes will bring. Accentuate the positive ways your employees will be impacted. This is a sure way to get everyone excited and onboard with the process.
  5. Create one message: Social media has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to connect with their customers. Create a message that accurately represents your brand and why your dealership is set apart from everyone else.
  6. Customer Experience: As important as the overall efficiency of your dealership is, your customer is the top priority. Throughout these changes, you want to create a memorable experience for your customers that will have them referring their friends and family to your dealership. Have a clean facility that puts customers at ease. Make sure that whoever is the first POC is friendly and knowledgeable. If an employee is rude or uninformed, it will leave a bad taste for your customer and actually diminish the reputation of your dealership. Make sure it’s a positive experience they’ll never forget.
  7. Communicate: Communication is one of the most critical aspects of effectively leading a team through change. Your employees will appreciate your consideration to keep them informed through the various stages of the changes. Also, it will bring an overall smoother transition process since your employees will already be informed of what to expect next. 

There are so many different ways that you can embrace change in your dealership. Perhaps there’s something unique only to your location that you can make a prominent feature in this process. Even if you’re part of a major chain in a big city, change is all about standing out amongst your competition. Work together with your team, make the customers your #1 priority, and you’re guaranteed to be successful. 
Here’s a bonus tip: celebrate every win! Success can come in many shapes and sizes. Celebrate each milestone that comes from your dealership throughout the change. Highlight when an employee or department does something exceptionally well. Emphasize how there’s truly no “I” in “team.” You do that, and your entire dealership will embrace change with confidence and ease.