Will iPad work in your environment?

Thank you for stopping by our booth! We had a great time in Las Vegas seeing old friends and making some new ones. We were also surprised, to see that how many of you were carrying around iPad’s™! Over the course of the 3 day event we had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of industry professionals, and received a ton of input related to the problems experienced by body shops and collision centers, both managing paperwork, and digital media.

The good news is that, we can help in solve these problems, and next month for those using the iPad™ you will be very happy to hear about our new product release! Digging deeper into the business problems discussed at the show, it became very apparent to us that, what most companies are lacking is a technology driven process to manage the both flow of photos and form data from the point of collection, into completed inspections, and estimates.

If you examine the typical Inspection and Estimate process multiple forms are filled out, photos are taken, and they need to be collected, copied, and tracked. The problem is that this process creates multiple static pieces of information, which aren’t intelligent enough to know about one another. For example the forms don’t know which photos are associated with them, and the photos don’t know which vehicle they are linked to, or what form they should accompany. This leaves it up to the person collecting the data, to tie all of the information together without making any mistakes.

Our solutions completely eliminate this manual process. We replace the existing paper forms with a mobile computer that enables you to collect all required information digitally, including photos, and voice notes. Once collected this information is automatically linked together, and is available to be exported to the estimate system, or management system of your choice. The best part is that data is validated at the point of collection, and all information can easily be searched, and stored for later retrieval.f you would like to learn more about any of our solutions to eliminate the headaches associated with collecting information, please contact us today.