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What is the BIGGEST challenge associated with running a successful business?

  • Figuring out how to spend your family time?
  • Thinking about where to spend your money?
  • Winning new accounts, and growing your business?

WRONG…According to a survey of over 100 different successful automotive service related businesses the #1 problem in running a successful business is the processing and tracking of paperwork.

If you think about it, paper based processes are integrated into every service your offer, work order you complete, and invoice you send.  The problem is that this paperwork needs to be filled out correctly, gathered back at the office, and entered into one or multiple systems for tracking. This PROCESSING of paperwork is typically completed by the owner or manager of the company and depending on the size of the business isn’t usually done during normal business hours. Typically it’s done at night, on the weekends, or whenever the big game is on TV….

The good news is that this problem is 100% solvable using technologies specifically designed to automate your business. Our solutions are designed to give you (or your team) back the time they are wasting chasing paperwork.  Here is what some of customers have to say.

“We now have a crystal clear idea of what we are spending on reconditioning and where. We are also able to get trucks to the front line much quicker than ever before.” Rob Nusca, Assistant Branch Manager at Arrow Truck Sales, Inc., Mississauga, ON

“We accelerated our cash receipts by two weeks,freeing up $50,000 in working capital.” Chad Adams, Operations Manager ReconMasters

If you are interested in learning how to eliminate the headaches associated with running your successful business please contact us today.