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Do you know the best way to send invoices to your clients electronically?

Do you know the best way to send invoices to your clients electronically?

The short answer is whatever way gets you paid the fastest!


Here’s the deal.

Every client and every reconditioning company are different, which means that what works for one company isn’t going to work for another.

Since you can’t control what each client’s delivery preference is for receiving an invoice, it’s critical that you have some different options at your finger tips so that you can meet your clients’ expectations.

In this article we are going to outline 8 different ways to deliver invoices to your clients.

#1) Print It Out:

It’s relatively well known that you can easily print from an iOS device to an AirPrint enabled printer without much trouble. The rub is that if you run a mobile operation that you making sure that you have a printer that has a feature called Wireless Direct Printing, which gives you the ability to print even while disconnected from the Internet. Check out HP’s line of Printers which include this feature and you’ll be all set.

#2) Email It (From The App):

After you have completed an invoice from within ReconPro you can initiate an email from your device to the specified contact(s) and you’ll be all set.

#3) Email It (Automatically):

This option will immediately send an invoice to a specified contact as soon as the invoice has been finalized. Unlike Option #2, nothing needs to be done within the app except for finalizing the invoice.

** Make sure that you get the invoice approved (AKA – get a signature) on it before finalizing the invoice or the automatic email will go out without the signature.

#4) Email It (from the back-office):

Simply go to the ReconPro back-office operations tab -> Invoices, and select the invoices you want to email to the client, and you are done. This option is particularly useful if a client loses an invoice, and you want to resend it.

#5) Fax It:

Here’s a great one! Perhaps you don’t want to invest in a printer and the client insists on a paper copy of an invoice, here’s what you can do. Subscribe to a service called e-fax ( and they provide the ability to send an email to a fax machine. It takes a minute to go through their system and deliver the fax, but it’s a good option in a pinch if you need to deliver an invoice to a client. Bonus – if you are paying for a fax line for your business you can use this instead, as it allows you to receive faxes right to your email (Bonus points)

#6) Setup Client User Access:

If you are subscribed to the Enterprise edition of ReconPro you can give your clients access to their information within your back-office (don’t worry they can only see their stuff). Once they login they can see their past invoices, and download, print them etc. I wouldn’t recommend this as the only option for getting invoices to clients as they might forget to login and check but it can be a real time saver at the end of the month when dealerships are calling looking for invoices that might have been misplaced.

#7) Statements:

From within ReconPro (or QuickBooks) you can send a statement of all invoices that haven’t been paid within a given time period. This report can be emailed, printed, and mailed or hand-delivered.

#8) Pre-printed Invoices:

This is another one from one of our clients. He keeps a stack of pre-printed paper invoices that don’t already have an invoice number on them and periodically when he encounters an account that requires a paper copy he creates the invoice within the ReconPro app then just writes down the required information on the paper copy and gives it to the dealership. Since he requires a signature on the invoice he has them sign the piece of paper then just takes a picture of the signature from within the ReconPro app and he’s all set.

So if you have ever wondered what the different options are for delivering an invoice to your clients remember that flexibility is the key, and here are 8 different options to help you get paid.

If you ever have any questions we have 8 hours per week dedicated to help get you answers live on our group training calls. Simply dial into the conference bridge # and ask your questions at any time.