ReconMonitor Back Office 3.5.1

Manage repair order time records, view vehicle arbitration date, sort repair orders by RO number, pin saved searches, and much more.

New Features

  • Time Reporting
  • Arbitration Date
  • Sort repair orders by RO number
  • Pin saved searches


  • Parts selection made easier
  • Search for repair orders by predefined time periods
  • Indicating received parts in parts & labor bundle
  • Search for repair orders by service name and task name
  • Indicating started services in repair orders
  • Showing repair order VIN in the same column with Stock#, RO#, and PO#
  • Showing the ‘Technicians’ column on the Repair Orders page
  • Some improvements in the ‘Phases’ filter on the Repair Orders page
  • ‘My Completed Work’, ‘My Work Queue’, and ‘My WIP List’ options have been added to saved searches on the Repair Orders page
  • Improved logic for tracking work status of repair orders at phase and service level

See the details of the new features and improvements here.

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