Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.8.0

New Functionality

  • Invoices: added a new icon that indicates whether a given invoice has been printed
  • Invoices: added possibility to see whether invoice can be approved on mobile device
  • Service Requests: Suggested Start and Suggested Finish dates are now shown on service request Summary page
  • Service Requests: added Service Request Number, a unique identifier for each service request


  • Now work orders on the Monitor screen on mobile devices are sorted the same way as on the Repair Orders page in the Back Office application

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed intermittent issue with printing invoices
  • Fixed intermittent issue with invoices duplicates and invoice price doubling
  • Fixed issue with positioning of the Size/Severity popover window
  • Fixed issue with service bundle price after converting inspection into work order
  • Fixed issue with service bundle price when saving work order
  • Fixed issue with approval requirement when making a copy of inspection
  • Fixed intermittent application crash when making a photo
  • Fixed intermittent issue with camera that was turning all directions when trying to take a photo
  • Fixed issue with saving inspections, invoices, work orders, etc. when internet connection is poor
  • Fixed issue with filtering invoices for customers who are PO required and not required

Release Notes – ReconPro iOS Client 2.7.5

New Functionality

  • Expanded Mode for Question Sections

  • Added location type to service request appointment

  • Added ability to open created inspections, work orders, and invoices from Service Requests

  • Updated GPS location Tracking in iOS 8


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed, ability to add a team work order to a team invoice

  • Fixed, issue with price matrix on inspection save

  • Fixed, Adjustment prices printing on service line items

  • Fixed, wrong email addresses in reports

  • Fixed, issue with checking required on empty text questions.


New Functionality

  • Changes to tax handling, and invoice templates

  • Added missing PO/Draft invoice report

  • Added internal support case triage ability

  • Enabled the ability to hide printing options in the app

  • Added support for WO status reasons

  • Updated service request rejection logic


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed, multiple inspections issue

  • Fixed, technician report labeling

  • Fixed, corrupt printing issue

  • Fixed, % in printing

  • Fixed, issue with damage size, and severity in the matrix when printing

  • Fixed, the issue with show map for service requests in the summary section.



New Functionality

Service Request Improvements

  • Improved Service Request User Interface
  • Added ability to create new service request
  • Created service request summary page
  • Added Ability to create Service Request from My Inspections & Team Inspections
  • Added the ability to auto accept a Service Request
  • Added the ability to create a Service Request Appointment

General Improvements

  • Added the ability to increase and decrease service quantities from within the Matrix
  • Added the ability to turn on / off number keyboard panel
  • Created Invoice Summary PDF on My Invoices Page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Date / Time in ReconPro, and ReconPro HD
  • Resolved Search Issue when using apostrophe
  • Other Small Bug Fixes


Release Notes ReconPro for iOS v.2.6.8

New Functionality

  • New service selection control for regular client

  • General UI Improvements

  • Ability to take multiple photos without the camera hiding

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed, estimate to work order not picking up job (project code)

  • Fixed, changing PO in Team Invoices Stalls Back Office Loading

  • Fixed, Guest Tech codes not printing when using Bundle package

  • Fixed, Confirm “Clear” on price matrix services

Release Notes ReconPro for iOS v.2.6.7

New Functionality

  • Added Loading indicator for online search screens
  • Added Remember the last name filter
  • Added WO indicator to team inspections
  • Combined the search & filter entity for all team entities
  • Added Use Service Request Appt Date on mobile calendar
  • Added support for default technician for a matrix service
  • Added numbers panel to keyboard for PO# change
  • Added Colorblind SupportAdded Approve button Mobile Inspection Signature page
  • Added ability to change customer
  • Added new report for emailed invoices in reports menu

Bug Fixes

  • Small bugs fixed
  • Interface improvements
  • Duplicate Work Orders


New Functionality

  • Block WO creation with duplicate services
  • Combined navigation bar title and prompt
  • Added ability to change RO’s Start Date/Time for Recon Monitor on device
  • Added The Ability to Select A Repair Location on the device
  • Added time stamp on taken pictures

Bug fixes

  • Apps is crashed if cancel printing Inspection on device
  • Wrong search results layout on Claim screen
  • HD client hangs often on customer edit in Inspection
  • Show state/province selector for non supported countries
  • Edited customer data disappear on country change
  • Fixed issue with change client for inspection in Car History
  • Fixed technician activity report popup size
  • No prompt to state/province selection control in settings
  • App hangs when creating WO from team inspection
  • App is crashed on Service Requests screen

ReconPro 2.6 Release Notes

New Functionality

•    Simplified application navigation utilizing swipe
•    Email verification for new client contacts
•    Service quantity can now be greater than zero for all services including in inspections and work orders including price matrix, additional services, and bundles.
•    Adding paging navigation and filtering to service requests
•    Car history online now supports the ability to see all previous inspections, work orders and invoices across the entire organization.
•    Stock Number decoder with regular expression
•    House Employee type allows the ability to assign specific services to a house account

Bug fixes

•    Fixed issue with Invoice and question forms not printing correctly
•    Fixed issue with remote printing
•    Fixed issue with loading services without vehicle parts
•    Fixed issues with messages not appearing on the device when sent from the back office
•    Fixed issue with job selection
•    Fixed issue with selecting email addresses from device contacts
•    Fixed Custom tech split issue
•    Fixed PJ673 printed issues
•    Fixed ReconPro Support Info Issue
•    Fixed iOS 8 support

[Feature Update] Sending Emails Using ReconPro

Team we created a new (and awesome) way to send emails from ReconPro using your company email without having to go through the hassle of configuring a ton of settings.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Login to your back-office
  2. Go to the Company Tab -> Company Info
  3. Click on SMTP Settings
  4. Make sure you have the box checked that says “Use ReconPro Server” and simply fill in your from address, and display name
  5. Click Ok

Once you complete these steps you are all set.



ReconPro 2.5.4 Release Notes

New Functionality

  • iOS 8 Support

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with signature box not appearing on inspection types that require approval

  • Fixed issue with device messages
  • Fixed remote print server issue