ReconPro Versatility

ReconPro by AutoMobile Technologies is the premier software solution for any type of reconditioning business.  Whether you specialize in interior or exterior, wheels or PDR, ReconPro is equipped to handle the job.  And better yet – if you run a large operation with specialty technicians ReconPro can assign work orders by specialization.

ReconPro is not limited to supporting a specific service type.  Services and service types are customizable.  If you offer a unique service, an icon can be assigned to it and new services can be configured and deployed in a matter of minutes.   Separate interior and exterior inspection screens allow you to identify the location of recommended repairs, no matter what kind of repairs those are.  Multiple occurrences of damage and the hail matrix helps to quote based on severity and density of damage.  ReconPro supported services are limited only by the services you provide.

• Dents • Scratches • Bumpers • Panels • Wheels • Tears • Dye • Paint • Polish •Wash •

• Rock Chips • Stains • Odors • Hail • Film • Windshield • Headlights • PDR •

From collision repair to wash and polish and everything in between, ReconPro offers a mobile, paperless software solution to track estimates, work orders and invoices.  Click here for a free demo. 

Do you ever have trouble reconciling your invoices?

Do you ever have trouble reconciling your invoices?Do you ever have trouble reconciling your invoices?  Which ones have been sent, which ones have been paid?  After all, staying busy and gaining more business means nothing if you are not recognizing the reward for your efforts.  ReconPro makes this task easy by integrating with your accounting system.  Invoices are exported to QuickBooks or other accounting software allowing you to easily ensure all invoices have been sent, track outstanding invoices, and get back to business.  Payroll processing is more efficient as well because ReconPro tracks employee time and commissions.  Click here to see how ReconPro can help you become more efficient in this process and make sure you get paid.

ReconPro™ now available on the iPhone, and iPod Touch!

We have been approved ReconPro™ is now available on the iPhone, and iPod Touch! You can download the application via this link, or by searching for ReconPro in the App Store!

Once you download the application would will need to register your device, in order to do so you will need to click here contact us.

In Case you aren’t 100% familiar with ReconPro here is a short description.

Where is that Invoice?

Last week I had the pleasure of having a customer cancel a scheduled product demonstration with me. Ordinarily I would not be happy about this, BUT the reason why the customer had to cancel is one of the problems that our software solves…

The prospective customer had a last minute emergency with one of their large wholesale accounts, that was missing an invoice worth roughly $20,000.00. Of course this prospective customer is on paper, and he needed to stop everything to go back to the office to try and find it. Using our solution this prospective customer would have been able to leverage our mobile invoicing software to pull up the invoice directly from his device, and email it directly to the customer without missing a beat. Alternatively the customer could have logged-in online to their personalized self-service portal, and re-printed the invoice themselves.

So the next time that you are trying to find a missing, estimate, work order, or invoice think about giving us a call. You won’t be disappointed.

ReconMonitor 2.0 Release Announcement

Are you a used car department of a dealership?
A standalone used car business? A rental car resale department?

AutoMobile Technologies has developed specialized software to increase the profitability of your automotive reconditioning department and reduce the time to frontline for your vehicles with an easy vendor evaluation and tracking system, ReconMonitor™.

With ReconMonitor™ your business will gain unparalleled benefits for your automotive business to streamline your business data, save you money, monitor your bottlenecks and reduce vendor costs with detailed service reports.