Repair360 mobile app 3.4.2

Create a single invoice for all selected work orders or a separate invoice for each selected work order when you invoice multiple work orders

New Features

  • Create separate invoices from multiple work orders


  • Showing full list of labor services from part service details
  • Showing vehicle part name for selected services

See the details of the new features and improvements here.

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Smart Vehicle Repair

Two Tools to Improve your S.M.A.R.T. Repair Business in the USA

The term “SMART Repair” has become a popular way of representing the mobile repair industry in the UK and is slowly catching on here in the United States. SMART repair, Small to Medium Area Repair Technique, offers services like wheel repair, bumper repair, paint correction, and glass repair in addition to the numerous PDR companies we see popping up everywhere in America. An assortment of cosmetic, cost-effective and quick repair techniques, SMART repair offers U.S. mobile repair companies and fixed operations a way of offering more services for more revenue.

Starting out in the SMART repair business can be tough. There are many obstacles to cross in building your independent mobile repair company. SMART repair professionals often face common issues such as:

  • Managing Finances
  • Creating Estimates
  • Monitoring/Managing Employees
  • Invoice Accuracy
  • Finding Equipment
  • Training
  • Matching Paint Codes
  • Outfitting Company Vehicles

AMT is here to provide help. ReconPro™ helps the mobile repair professional get organized and get busy.  It’s a software ideal for managing client paperwork, billing, estimates, and tasks. Perform inspections tied to VIN or Stock Number, and add notes and photographs to create a complete estimate to submit to the customer via email or printed form. You can receive work approvals electronically through email, quick-link, or direct signature right on your device. Approved estimates become work orders, and the app creates and sends your invoice when work is completed. The best part? It’s affordable, and the time it saves you will pay for itself many times over!  And, as you grow your business, ReconPro’s benefits grow with you.

Established SMART repair businesses and franchises turn to ReconPro for extra help. It takes over in the management of damage documentation paperwork, helps easily create AR invoices, and streamlines office administrative duties like managing schedules, customer pricing, and accounting. ReconPro helps manage workflows to make the most of your time and efforts spent with clients repairing their vehicles, but also offers a full suite of productivity features, including commission calculations, service requests and dispatch, time and attendance management, role-based access, customer-specific pricing and much, much more.

Available for iOS or Android devices, and completely self-contained, means you can take it anywhere and complete your work without needing to connect to Wi-Fi. When you do connect, all your work is stored in your back office for complete record-keeping and secure access from any computer. Are you an auto industry professional looking to break or expand into the SMART repair scene? Does your current SMART repair business need a little extra assistance? AMT has the solution and we’d love to help you. Reach out to us today!

Roger Penske

Used Vehicles Bring Penske Record Earnings

“…consolidated reconditioning locations and double discounting played a role in the company’s record earnings.”

When companies get their reconditioning working well, good things happen.

Read the full story in Auto Remarketing here.