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SMART Auto Repair

Small to Medium Area Repair Technology is the umbrella name for the work most AMT clients do. Whether it’s PDR, Wheel Repair, Paint Correction, Auto Glass, or any combinations of similar specialties, many of the business challenges are the same, and AMT’s software is designed to help. Need to track everything from the initial estimate all the way through into your financial system? You’re not alone. Here’s what one of our customers had to say about the success they had tracking “Everything”:

“As the owner I’m able to log on anytime, check the sales figures and see how my technicians are doing. It’s a very powerful smart repair app, when previously I had to either collect their invoices on a weekly basis and tally them up myself or ask them and take their word for it!”

Keith Cosentino – Bullseye Paintless Dent Removal INC.

Noteworthy Features

  • Vin Decoder

    Includes trim, paint code lookup, vehicle recalls
  • R&I Labor Times

    Fully informed estimates
  • Conventional Repair Costs

    Know the alternatives
  • Commissions

    Calculate Flat Rate, % Gross / Net, Tired Commissions, Splits
  • Duplicate Vin Detection

    Avoid duplicate records
  • Full Service Menu Control

    Create a service menu specific to each account
  • Customer Specific Pricing

    Set, adjust, and control even the most complex pricing models
  • Service Requests

    Dispatch & Scheduling
  • Estimate Approvals

    On device, via web or quick link
  • Integrations

    Connect to many popular accounting and management systems
  • Configurable Question Forms

    Customized for your business
  • Team Collaboration

    Share Inspections, Work orders, or Invoices across teams
  • Configurable Print Templates

    Your custom business identity and layouts in hard copy
  • Configurable Email Templates

    Your custom branding and layouts in emails
  • Real-time Reporting

    Data at your fingertips lets you know your numbers anytime

Adjust and Conform
to your Business and

In the field, all cars and all jobs are unique. Some of your customers might have different pricing, a different approval process, different commission pay plans, and different paperwork needs. ReconPro can address all those differences with ease. With our software, you simply configure it once and ReconPro will automatically select the right process at the right time.

Manage Multiple
Technicians Working
on the Same Vehicle

After a major weather event or when multiple technicians need to work on the same vehicle to meet a deadline, ReconPro lets you assign multiple techs to each service, split work evenly or divide the workload any way that you desire. Now everybody from management to the mobile technician can know how much work gets performed at any time.

Expertly Manage

ReconPro empowers all your commission-related needs. Calculated based on total revenue, service-specific revenue, job type, client specific, or other options, straight or tired commissions. ReconPro can also calculate commissions to your sales team, your team managers, and your area managers.

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