ReconPro mobile app 3.6.5

Generate reports directly from the mobile app, and the link to the generated report will be automatically sent to the specified email address or phone number

New Features

  • Generate reports
  • Create service requests


  • More filters for repair orders
  • Part categorization in work order print preview
  • Image notes in inspection and work order print preview
  • Using ACES categorization associated with matrix panel
  • Assign technicians to repair bundle items
  • Select multiple parts for question services of the ‘Labor’ price type
  • Support for the ‘Invoice from device’ setting
  • Auto-assignment of new retail customers to the team’s area of the logged-in user
  • Showing all repair orders when users tap the ‘Monitor’ button on the ‘Home’ screen
  • Empty question sections are not displayed for inspections, work orders, and their services
  • Unassigned price matrices are not displayed for price matrix services on the ‘Select Price Matrix’ screen

See the details of the new features and improvements here.

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