What is your Resolution?

Put the power of a mobile application with years of experience in the auto reconditioning business in your corner

This time of year is a great time to re-evaluate what we do in our lives.  Whether you call them resolutions or goals, New Years brings on a feeling of renewal, of a fresh start.  Unfortunately most New Years resolutions are abandoned by February – primarily because of failing to plan for it.

Resolutions are not always easy, they involve changing a set of behaviors.  Now some just make good sense – eat better, exercise more – and have a built in motivators (your health).  Other popular goals – get organized, better work/life balance – may need some more defined set of plans to be successful.  Changing a set of behaviors is difficult, humans are creatures of habit and we do the things we have done for years for a reason.  So here are a few steps to take to make it easier.

Overcoming old habits requires three things: dissatisfaction of a current state, a vision of desired results and the first steps to move into that direction. Let’s take for instance the goal to become more organized.  Look around your office.  Are there stacks of paper?  Files of photos, either printed out or on your computer but not filed in the correct order with each inspection?  How about invoices – are there any not reconciled and accounted for?  If the answer to any of these questions was “yes” you’ve already met the first requirement in overcoming dis-organization – dissatisfaction with your current level of organization.

The next step is pretty easy – look around your office and envision what it would be like without all the clutter.  Envision no more lost, torn or stained work orders.  Imagine inspections, work orders and invoices for each car electronically organized with digital photos attached.  This organization would result in faster work order authorization, quicker turn around for invoicing and fewer outstanding invoices.  Sounds pretty good huh?

As for your first steps – look to technology to help.  Put the power of a mobile application with years of experience in the auto reconditioning business in your corner.  AutoMobile Technologies ReconPro is a quick and reliable solution to your organization needs.  It allows your business to become paper-less, increase cash flow and reduce errors – giving you a superior professional image!

Do you ever have trouble reconciling your invoices?

Do you ever have trouble reconciling your invoices?Do you ever have trouble reconciling your invoices?  Which ones have been sent, which ones have been paid?  After all, staying busy and gaining more business means nothing if you are not recognizing the reward for your efforts.  ReconPro makes this task easy by integrating with your accounting system.  Invoices are exported to QuickBooks or other accounting software allowing you to easily ensure all invoices have been sent, track outstanding invoices, and get back to business.  Payroll processing is more efficient as well because ReconPro tracks employee time and commissions.  Click here to see how ReconPro can help you become more efficient in this process and make sure you get paid.

Like it or not Administrative work is what gets you paid!

The VIN contains specific information about each car – make, model, year, features and provides a positive identification for the car you are working on.You process a lot of cars, all day long, every day.  You like cars and you are good at working with them, that’s why you are in this business.  And while cars are your business, the administrative work is what gets you paid and that starts on the front end.  Collecting accurate vehicle information upfront will save you time and headaches down the road.

This starts with the VIN, Stock, and or Tag Number.  The VIN contains specific information about each car – make, model, year, features and provides a positive identification for the car you are working on.  But this information is useless if those 17 digits are not written down or transposed correctly.

Photos are another important part of your documentation.  Before and after photos are more than a testimony to the quality of your work, they are a requirement of invoicing in many cases.  Organizing these photos, in the right order, for easy reference later can be difficult and time consuming.  The same thing is true with written text.  If the note gets put in the wrong file you end up with egg on your face at the least, and it could cost you financially as well.

ReconPro can provide solutions to theses obstacles.  It digitally captures the VIN and can attach photos and notes to the file so it is all stored together.  Can you talk faster than you type?  I do.  Capture your thoughts in a voice note and attach it to the inspection or work order.  It can even warn you if a work order has already been created for that VIN.

ReconPro gives you the peace of mind that your customers’ information is captured and stored correctly from the start, and this allows you to focus on cars.  Click here to see other ways ReconPro can help keep you organized and enhance your professional image.

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Using paper forms can lead to a variety of issues

Coffee stained, torn, crumpled and just plain missing – chasing down work orders from your techs can be downright frustrating.  Using paper forms can lead to a variety of issues such as accuracy, efficiency and productivity at the point of data capture, none of which compares to your time when trying to track them down.  Capturing that information electronically allows you the peace of mind that it is not only accurate but that you can retrieve it with the click of your mouse.

Technicians are the backbone of recon; they do the work to bring your customers back and puts the money in the bank.  They are not administrative minded, they can seemingly get lost in their work of diagnosing this and fixing that, and that is exactly what you want them to be doing.  But when it comes time for you to invoice your customer having that information is just as important as the work that was done.  Tracking down Joe the tech and making him stop his work and find the work order not only wastes your time, but it wastes his as well.  Best case scenario it interrupts the work flow of two people, worst case it halts production until the work order is found or duplicated.

Now, if Joe’s work order is created, dispatched, updated, and completed electronically there is no need to track it down.  There is no guessing if that mark is supposed to be there or if it’s from his jelly doughnut from yesterday.  There is no deciphering cryptic handwriting.  There is no going out to the shop (or across town) to locate a missing work order.  But most importantly there is no interrupting Joe from doing what he does best – taking care of the next customer.

So do yourself and Joe a favor and register here for a demo.


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Technician Users

Want to make your tech’s lives easier? Why not give them access to view their work orders, invoices, and Commission Statements?

Here’s a video that outlines some of the capabilities.

Give Your Customers Access To Their Data!

Enabling your customers to have access to their inspections, estimates, work orders, invoices, sales reports, vehicle history, and service advisor commissions not only increases sales, and service it also reduces the amount of time needed to service even your most demanding customers.

Utilizing the client user functionality within ReconPRO™, and ReconMonitor™ your company can easily provide your wholesale customers access to their data within seconds. The best part is that clients can approve estimates, pull up old invoices, track sales performance, review vehicle history, and monitor work order progress every step of the way.

If you would like to learn more about the client user functionality within ReconPRO™ or ReconMonitor™ please contact us today to schedule a demo.


100% of survey responders want to eliminate paper!

PDR Software for iPhone

A big thank you to everyone that took the time to complete our needs assessment survey at the Mobile Tech Expo 2011 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Periodically we conduct market research surveys to ensure that our product development efforts are spent creating the right functionality to help eliminate your most important problems. Based upon these results, I believe that we are on the right track.

We are also very happy to announce the release of ReconPRO™ 1.1 for iOS devices. ReconPRO™ now supports digital signature capture, multiple inspection types, custom question forms including enforcement of required business logic, as well as the ability to create estimates, work orders, and invoices using multiple configurable hail matrixes. If you would like to learn more please take a minute to review the included product video.


For those of you that are interested in learning about some of the areas of opportunity as identified by your peers, please take a minute to review the below list of results.

Area of Opportunity % Interest
Eliminate paper forms, reduce paperwork, and decrease bookkeeping100%
Accounting integration (QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.)92%
Print inspection forms and invoices on-the-spot or email them as PDF to your clients.85%
Scan VIN’s and decode them automatically77%
Capture digital signature, pictures, and other media related to inspections or invoices69%
Add photos, text and audio notes to invoice file69%
Improved cash flow, reduce time to get paid69%
Enhance professional image69%
Track appointments, schedule, and workload69%
Integrate and accept assignments from Insurance Companies69%
Auto email invoices or statements69%
Dispatch service requests62%
Sales and management reports62%
Graphical inspection forms with touch-screen capability.62%
WebBuilder – business website with integration to Recon products62%
GPS tracking54%
Real time update and viewing of work in process54%
Customer specific pricing grids and matrix54%
Integrate with Collision Estimating Management systems54%
Internal messaging and tasks54%
Manage customer contact information and follow-up tasks46%
Track employee timesheets46%
Track commissions46%

If you are interested in taking a closer look at how we help you to implement a paperless system to close gaps in your business, please contact us today.