[Feature Update] Sending Emails Using ReconPro

Team we created a new (and awesome) way to send emails from ReconPro using your company email without having to go through the hassle of configuring a ton of settings.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Login to your back-office
  2. Go to the Company Tab -> Company Info
  3. Click on SMTP Settings
  4. Make sure you have the box checked that says “Use ReconPro Server” and simply fill in your from address, and display name
  5. Click Ok

Once you complete these steps you are all set.



ReconPro 2.5.4 Release Notes

New Functionality

  • iOS 8 Support

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with signature box not appearing on inspection types that require approval

  • Fixed issue with device messages
  • Fixed remote print server issue

ReconPro 2.5.3 Release Notes

New Functionality

  • Added email indicator for inspections and invoices

  • Added support of Invoice Date setting

  • Added device licence status checking

  • Camera Decode Support for Stock number

  • Added e-mail validation when creating a new retail customer

  • Made search fields unscrollable

  • Added RegExp support in Question Forms

  • Added print server filtering option by Team/Area

  • Replace “i” icon with “>” icon

Bug fixes

  • Fixed support notes do not transfer to email body

  • Fixed services not assigned to required question by default

  • Fixed crash when create WO with required question services

  • Fixed connecting view disappears

  • Fixed crash when press team inspection approve action

  • Fixed issue with team invoice not saving

  • Fixed issue with duplicate breakages in visual inspection forms

  • Fixed app was hanged on Unregister screen

  • Fixed issue with create WO with duplicate VIN

  • Fixed issue with check VIN duplicates

  • Fixed issue with remember the choice of print server

  • Fixed issues with invoice payments

  • Fixed WO level split Issue

  • Fixed issue with job service amount not override

ReconPro 2.5.2 Release Notes

New Functionality

  • Added the ability to select a Reason when archiving/declining an Inspection
  • Added team Work Order checking before creating a team invoice

Bug fixes

  • Fixed naming issue in the inspection print message
  • Fixed issue with the calculation of MoneyAmount service field
  • Fixed issue with the technician when creating Work Order from Inspection
  • Animation in “Team WOs” when invoice is created, fixed
  • Recon Monitor not clearing, fixed
  • “Printer Options” screen does not rotate, fixed
  • Cancel saving the invoice does not cancel his transfer to the back-office, fixed

Are you leaving $ on the table?

PDR_CollegeReconPro™ Gets Reviewed by PDRCollege.com

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, eliminate headaches, or just go paperless, it’s no secret that you NEED the proper tools and techniques to help you get started.

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Here’s the deal.

Industry experts Keith Cosentino (15 yr PDR tech ,company owner & creator of Blackplague PDR Tabs), and Shane Jacks (Dent Pro Upstate & 2013 Dent Olympics Champion) have teamed up to create PDRCollege.com a free online podcast that shares tips and tricks on how you can run the business side of your paintless dent repair company more efficiently.

In episode 6 they reviewed ReconPro™ and how it can be used out in the field by mobile paintless dent repair technicians.

To check out the most recent episode please visit PDRcollege.com

ReconPro Product Video

ReconPro HD is Now Available

You asked for a iPad only version of ReconPro that utilizes the entire screen, well here it is. Available now from the App Store.

Download it here

iPad only version of ReconPro

ReconPro Update Version Now Available

New functionality now available in ReconPro including

  • Draft Invoices
  • Service Level Notes and Quick Notes
  • Price Access Support
  • Price Policies Support
  • Shared Team Inspections (This is going to be Huge)

Click here to download from the App Store

ReconPro iPhone



ReconPro Versatility

ReconPro by AutoMobile Technologies is the premier software solution for any type of reconditioning business.  Whether you specialize in interior or exterior, wheels or PDR, ReconPro is equipped to handle the job.  And better yet – if you run a large operation with specialty technicians ReconPro can assign work orders by specialization.

ReconPro is not limited to supporting a specific service type.  Services and service types are customizable.  If you offer a unique service, an icon can be assigned to it and new services can be configured and deployed in a matter of minutes.   Separate interior and exterior inspection screens allow you to identify the location of recommended repairs, no matter what kind of repairs those are.  Multiple occurrences of damage and the hail matrix helps to quote based on severity and density of damage.  ReconPro supported services are limited only by the services you provide.

• Dents • Scratches • Bumpers • Panels • Wheels • Tears • Dye • Paint • Polish •Wash •

• Rock Chips • Stains • Odors • Hail • Film • Windshield • Headlights • PDR •

From collision repair to wash and polish and everything in between, ReconPro offers a mobile, paperless software solution to track estimates, work orders and invoices.  Click here for a free demo. 

Do you ever have trouble reconciling your invoices?

Do you ever have trouble reconciling your invoices?Do you ever have trouble reconciling your invoices?  Which ones have been sent, which ones have been paid?  After all, staying busy and gaining more business means nothing if you are not recognizing the reward for your efforts.  ReconPro makes this task easy by integrating with your accounting system.  Invoices are exported to QuickBooks or other accounting software allowing you to easily ensure all invoices have been sent, track outstanding invoices, and get back to business.  Payroll processing is more efficient as well because ReconPro tracks employee time and commissions.  Click here to see how ReconPro can help you become more efficient in this process and make sure you get paid.