Repair360 Back Office 3.6.7

View, add, edit, and delete service request appointments from the ‘Service Requests’ list view and the ‘Service Request’ detail view.

New Features

  • Service Request Appointments


  • Support multiple sellers for WHI part provider
  • Showing part clarification and information about added parts in the repair order audit log
  • Showing part providers filtered by repair location in the ‘Order Parts’ view
  • Showing the ‘N/A’ part providers in the ‘Provider’ field on the ‘Parts Management’ page
  • The ability to change the ‘Received’ status to the ‘Return To Vendor’ status for parts in closed repair orders
  • When adding labor to part on the ‘Parts Management’ page, users can see either all labor services or only labor services associated with the part service
  • Parts in the ‘Open’ status are excluded from the counters on the ‘Parts Management’ page

Fixed Issues

  • An issue with getting purchase order numbers in punchout parts ordering
  • An issue with the ‘ExcludeFromTotal’ value in the calculation script

See the details of the new features and improvements here.

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