Repair360 Back Office 3.6.3

Track changes made to service requests, view service request warnings, check if there were any vehicle recalls, print service requests, and more.

New Features

  • Service request warnings
  • Service request recalls
  • Service request audit log
  • Print service requests and related entities


  • Enhancements for service request list and details
  • Filter warehouses by status
  • When reassigning a repair order technician on the phase level, the new technician is assigned to all services and tasks that are not completed
  • Value format in all ‘Labor Time’ fields has been unified to two digits after the decimal point in terms of consistency
  • Warranty info has been added to the inventory batch details (Internal Release)
  • Improvements in the Fortellis Integration settings
  • Product logo has been changed

See the details of the new features and improvements here.

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