ReconPro Starter mobile app 3.5.3

Add services to repair orders if some additional work must be done or necessary services were not added initially, edit services in repair orders when you need to change service price, quantity, or other details.

New Features

  • Add services to repair orders
  • Edit services in repair orders
  • Change repair order department
  • Reset the start date of repair order phases and services
  • Resend data to Back Office
  • Allow tracking the status of phases, services, or both


  • Saving a single-select answer automatically when users go back to the Questions screen
  • Showing the Actions menu when users tap an inspection, work order, or invoice in the list
  • The space between buttons on the Navigation bar has been increased for better user experience
  • Presetting a part category when selecting or searching for a part in the Conventional Repair mode
  • Showing the name of question and answer below the name of question service

See the details of the new features and improvements here.

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