ReconPro mobile app 2.17.5 for iOS devices

Add bundle services to inspections the same way as you do it for work orders, see PO numbers on the Team Invoices screen the same way as on the My Invoices screen

New Features

  • Bundle services in inspections


  • Showing PO# in the list of team invoices
  • Selecting vehicle parts for money and labor services only
  • PDR tab on the Vehicle Part screen of price matrix services
  • When you enter or scan a VIN while creating a work order which type has the Vehicle History Enforced setting enabled, VIN duplicates are now searched in the Back Office application, not on your mobile device.

Fixed Issues

  • In some cases, labor service could not be added from part service details.
  • On the Technicians screen, the Evenly mode automatically changed to the Custom mode after unselecting technicians.
  • On the Visual screen, service details could not be shown after selecting a custom damage.
  • Part information was shown twice on the Details screen of a part service within a bundle service.
  • Service icon was sometimes shown for questions with question answer services if question section was assigned to an inspection service or a work order service.

See the details of the new feature and improvements here.

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